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Q. Why aren't there pavement markings on Scott County Road Z16 between F45 and F33? There haven't been any markings for over a month. Driving at night without pavement markings is hazardous. -- Sandra Preston, Iowa

A. We contacted Scott County officials to find out. Angela K. Kersten, P.E., assistant county engineer, Scott County secondary roads department, responded:

"Pavement markings on County Road Z16 from F45 to F33 will be painted within the next few weeks. This section of road received a fog seal and unfortunately the Contractor placing the fog seal ran into delays. Our pavement marking contractor had finished painting county roads before the fog seal was completed. We were able to contract with the pavement marking contractor to come back and paint this section of road, but we have had to wait for them to complete other contract commitments."

Q. So, it seems to me that some of the food truck zones are not working as well as everyone expected. The zone at Bechtel Park doesn’t get too much action on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the evenings and under the skybridge only seems to be popular during the Eat the Streets event once a month. Wouldn’t it be better for the trucks to just be able to set up where they know they could do a good business? Has the city noticed this and are they considering making any changes? – Beth, an interested citizen

A. We contacted the city of Davenport regarding your questions. Mallory Merritt, assistant to the city administrator, responded:

"The city council adopted two public mobile food vending zones. However, mobile food units are already able to set up on private property locations of their choice so long as they have the property owner’s permission. Additionally, mobile food units who wish to serve in the right-of-way outside of the two approved public zones may apply for a special occurrence permit which is subject to city council approval. As of this year, there have been several special occurrence permit applications, and none of those have been denied by the city council."


In the Oct. 26, 2017, edition of Ask the Time a reader asked the following question:

Q. The Quad-City Times published a photograph of Pastor Derrick Johnson of the House of Refuge Church at The Center in Davenport on Monday, Oct. 9, 2017, on page A1. There was a mural on the wall behind the pastor. Can you tell me who created the mural? -- Fascinated Reader

We contacted The Center to find out. Pennie Kellenberger, director of The Center, responded. The name provided by Pennie Kellenberger was incorrect.

Janiece Maddox was the correct name of artist that was involved in the project along with several other Davenport Central High School students.

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