hopewell, the road and bike path

This sport just east of Bettendorf's Remington Road is the current end of Hopewell Avenue and its parallel recreational trail. Construction on both is expected to pick up again this spring and punch through to Criswell Road by fall.

Bettendorf's distinction as a bike-friendly city will get another boost this year with work on three segments that will add about 2.2 miles to the 27 it already has.

A 0.9-mile segment will be constructed along the north side of Spruce Hills Drive between 18th Street and Utica Ridge Road. The project will cost about $950,000 and likely will extend over two construction seasons, said Brian Fries, assistant city engineer.

A complicating factor is that 10 intersections have to be rebuilt and made compliant with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) regulations. Trees along Spruce Hills already have been removed, but work on the path likely won't start until June, Fries said.

A nice plus with this segment is that, when finished, bikers, walkers and runners will be able to do a roughly six-mile loop in the middle of the city, Fries said. A person beginning at Middle and 23rd Street, for example, will be able to travel along Spruce Hills to Utica Ridge, up Utica to Tanglefoot, across Tanglefoot to Devils Glen, down Devils Glen to Middle and back to start.

The second trail segment to be started this year will be a 0.8-mile extension along Hopewell Avenue between just east of Remington Road to Criswell Road.

This will be built in conjunction with the extension of Hopewell itself, also to Criswell. The project was bid at $1.746 million by KE Flatwork, Eldridge, with construction to begin in early May, Fries said. Hopewell will be two lanes, 29 feet wide.

Finally, work began last fall on a third segment that will close an existing half-mile gap along Middle Road between 53rd and Hopewell avenues. That project, bid at $328,000 by McCarthy Improvement Co., should be finished this year, Fries said.

The city has tried to incorporate trails into its street plans. This year's projects will bring it up-to-date on its interior trails until new roads are extended, Fries said.

Trails that are 10 feet wide cost, on average, roughly $225 per foot, he said.

Of the city's 27 miles of trails, about 4.1 miles make up the Duck Creek trail, about 3.9 miles are the Mississippi Riverfront trail and the remaining 19 are the interior trails.

The Duck Creek trail begins in Bettendorf at East Kimberly Road, meanders down to State Street, continues south under the State Street bridge for a short distance into Riverdale and ends at South Kensington Street.

The Mississippi Riverfront trail runs along the river, border to border, between Davenport and Riverdale.

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