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City officials are considering an agreement with a telecommunications company to bring fiber-optic internet, cable, and phone services to Bettendorf and Davenport.  

The agreement would require the construction of a network of fiber cables in both cities. The alternative technology is credited with offering blazing-fast connection speeds, a growing desire for residents and businesses across the nation.

Bettendorf and Davenport officials are scheduled to discuss the proposed deal during a joint hearing on Monday. The drafted agreement outlines the terms of building the network, including access to construction permits, maintaining local jobs to offer the service and a three-year deadline to finish building.

The company, MetroNet, already offers the service in other Midwest states, including Indiana and Kentucky. 

The proposed agreement also outlines tax incentives that the cities would provide over a 20-year period in exchange for the company’s investment. In Davenport, those incentives max out at $11.6 million. In Bettendorf, the max is $3.3 million.