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Scott Beck, left, and Bryan Woods on one of their film sets.

BETTENDORF — Scott Beck and Bryan Woods are finalizing a deal with Twentieth Century Fox to adapt the Stephen King short story "The Boogeyman" for a new horror film.

The Bettendorf natives announced the project Tuesday morning.

"Ever since we were children, our nightmares have been fueled by the 'king' of horror," the Bettendorf High and University of Iowa graduates said in an email. "Whether we were consuming 'The Shining,' 'It,' 'Misery' or countless other works by this master, our imagination has been captivated by his command of the genre."

"The Boogeyman" — first published in 1973 and later released as part of his 1978 "Night Shift" collection — was the basis for a 2012 short film. It follows a man who recently lost all his children to a creature lurking in the closet.

The story becomes the latest King fiction to get an option for film or TV treatment, a pace accelerated after the success of "It," according to a Tuesday piece in Deadline Hollywood.

The 2017 horror film "It," based on King's 1,138-page novel from 1986, has grossed $700 million worldwide, the top supernatural horror film of all time, according to

Beck and Woods' script for this year's "A Quiet Place," co-written by director and co-star John Krasinski, made $328 million worldwide on a $17-million budget.

After the April release of "A Quiet Place," King tweeted it was "an extraordinary piece of work." There are studio plans for sequels for both "It" and "A Quiet Place."

For "The Boogeyman," 21 Laps’ Shawn Levy, Dan Levine and Dan Cohen are producing. 21 Laps is in production on the third season of its Netflix hit "Stranger Things." Their Fox sci-fi film "The Darkest Minds" and Lionsgate thriller "Kin" will be released this summer.

"The Boogeyman” has “been a favorite of short filmmakers; it has been adapted into shorts seven times, in what King calls 'dollar baby deals,' non-commercial and non-exclusive rights options that allow emerging filmmakers access to material they could never afford if they were paying retail,” the Deadline Hollywood story said. The Fox and 21 Laps deal will be the first studio feature adaptation of the story.

“A Quiet Place” — co-starring Krasinski and his real-life wife, Emily Blunt — is now available for digital download on Amazon, iTunes, Google and other digital platforms. The Blu-ray/4K/DVD will be available on July 10.

"We'd like to thank you all for the amazing support with this film,” Beck and Woods said in the email. The DVD special features will include segments on making the film, editing the sound and its visual effects.

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