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Rowan Appel

School: Paul Norton Elementary

Grade: 5

Parents: William and Mikka Appel

Why was the student nominated? "Rowan is kind, honest, responsible, and motivated. She shows up every day ready to face the rigors of 5th grade with determination and a smile," said fifth-grade teacher Shad Graham. Rowan leads by example, whether that’s being a positive role model for her peers, or mentoring younger students. Her passion for learning is contagious, and will allow her to accomplish anything she puts her mind to do. Rowan is a deserving recipient of this award!"

Accomplishments you are proud of: "I am proud of being a winner in the Battle of the Books at our school and achieving good grades at school."

What message you would like for others to think about: "Do what makes you happy – not what pleases others."

What makes you happy? "I am happy when I am hanging out with my friends and family."

What teacher has inspired you and why? "Mr. (Shad) Graham has inspired me because he always pushes us to do our best in all of our work."

What is your reaction to this honor? "I’m proud and super happy for receiving this award."

Anything else you would like for others to know: "I would like you to know that you need to always try your best and work hard."