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CAMBRIDGE — A Kewanee man is on trial in Henry County Circuit Court for various drug-related offenses.

Armando Ocampo, 34, was charged Jan. 3, 2017, with three counts Class X felony possession with intent to deliver cocaine, three counts Class 1 felony possession of a controlled substance, one count Class 1 felony possession with intent to deliver cocaine and one count Class 4 possession of a controlled substance.

On Tuesday, testimony was taken from three police officers and the confidential source involved in a controlled purchase on November 14, 2016.

Kewanee Police Officer Eric Hamilton testified about the initial purchase Nov. 14, saying the confidential source was under surveillance the entire time after he met with law enforcement at a predetermined location. He said the transaction took place at Ocampo's residence and in exchange for $200 of official advance funds, the confidential source provided a plastic bag with 3.9 grams of cocaine.

Under cross-examination, Hamilton admitted the confidential source had said something about “sneaking a little.”

“He was joking when he made that comment,” added Hamilton. “That's not something that I would recommend a confidential source saying.”

When the confidential source took the stand he affirmed it had been a joke. He said when he went to police to offer to work with them, he had been clean and he's been clean for about two and a half years. He said he had worked with Ocampo and Ocampo also stayed at his house until his mother got tired of Ocampo's crazy work hours and asked her son to ask him to leave. He said he was paid $120 for his role in that first buy, and he worked five other buys as well—including three more on the Ocampo case.

Ocampo's attorney Martin DeWulf established that police officers on surveillance near Ocampo's house were unable to see who answered the door for the confidential source. Kewanee Police Officer Eric Peed admitted it might have been the confidential source that opened the door and entered.

Contents of an overhear device weren't played for the jury on Tuesday. The trial is expected to resume Wednesday.

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