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CAMBRIDGE -- A Henry County jury on Thursday found a Kewanee man guilty of two counts of possession of a controlled substance, but cleared him of seven other counts, including three Class X felony charges.

Armando Ocampo, 34, had been charged January 3, 2017, with five counts of possession of a controlled substance and four counts possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance.

The prosecution wound up its case Thursday by playing two audio recordings made during alleged drug buys on Nov. 30, 2016, and Dec. 14, 2016.

In closing arguments, defense attorney Martin DeWulf said the audio recordings needed to stand on their own and instead they brought up too many questions to be admitted as evidence.

Assistant state's attorney Grace Simpson said the audio recordings did not have to stand on their own, but together with the rest of the evidence became enough on which to base a guilty verdict.

DeWulf also said the confidential source was protecting Ocampo's girlfriend by denying that she was in the house when the drug buys took place. He further said the source's motivation in framing Ocampo for the buys was to date his girlfriend himself.

"What's Jessica's role in this? We don't really know," he said. "What better way to be dating Jessica than if he'd get rid of the competition?"

Simpson said the confidential source's prior friendship with Ocampo was known, but they "didn't have anything" about a relationship between the confidential source and Ocampo's girlfriend.

DeWulf suggested the confidential source didn't have the altruistic motive of ridding the world of cocaine, as he'd said, but merely relieving some of his debt by not only getting paid, but also retaining some of the official advance funds.

Simpson cast doubt on that possibility. "I don't know of anyone who's going to give you drugs unless you give them money," she said. "That's not a logical thought."

DeWulf said the confidential source's comment about "sneaking a little" proved that he was still using cocaine, because someone who is clean wouldn't joke about it. "You know this gentleman is not truthful. He lies," he said.

He asked why the marked money, a digital scale and plastic bags had not been found when authorities executed a search warrant on Dec. 30, 2016.

He also asked why the confidential source's cell phone hadn't been presented as evidence, since it would presumably show texts or phone calls setting up the buys. "You've got to hold them to a standard," he said.

Sentencing was set for April 9 on the two counts of Class 4 felony possession of a controlled substance. The charges are probationable.

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