Justin T. Pyles

Justin T. Pyles

A Moline man accused of participating in the kidnapping of a woman in 2018 has taken a plea deal while the cases against two other alleged participants continue.

Authorities have said the events that led to the prosecution of Alton O. Buford, 31, Moline, began on Oct. 26, 2018, and continued into the following day. The woman was tied to a chair and beaten with a shovel but was eventually was able to escape.

Also accused of participating in the incident are Justin T. Pyles, 34, Davenport; and Madeline Bakoylis, 28, Davenport. All three were charged with kidnapping, and Pyles, at the time the victim’s boyfriend, has also been charged with aggravated domestic battery and domestic battery.

On Tuesday, Buford pleaded guilty to the kidnapping charge before Rock Island County Judge Frank R. Fuhr. The judge then sentenced him to six years in an Illinois Department of Corrections prison.

Buford qualified for day-for-day credit and credit for the time he has already served. The credits mean Buford will serve about half the agreed-to sentence. After his prison term is complete, he must also serve two years of mandatory supervised release.

The plea was part of a deal with the Rock Island County State's Attorney's Office and the sentence was part of the agreement. The kidnapping charge of which Buford was accused was a Class 2 Felony. The sentencing range for Class 2 charges is three to seven years.

During the hearing, Assistant State's Attorney Heidi Weller said the woman victimized in the attack has said she believes Buford to be the least culpable of the three and that Buford has apologized to her.

Early in Pyles' case, an outline of the alleged events was presented in court by Rock Island County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Adam Moseley.

Investigators believe the incident began when Pyles, Buford, and Bakoylis picked up the victim, Moseley said. Pyles then accused the victim of cheating on him, which she denied. Pyles then struck her several times. After this, they drove to a residence in East Moline and Pyles asked the victim to go into the basement with him. The quarrel resumed downstairs, including Pyles striking her in the stomach with a shovel and tying her to a chair. Pyles is also accused of punching her and possibly striking her with a handgun. The beating continued for roughly two hours.

Eventually, everyone returned to the vehicle and drove around until they ran out of gas, Moseley said. At least Pyles and Bakoylis then fell asleep in the vehicle. The victim was able to call her father for help. When he arrived she got to his vehicle and they fled as Pyles and Buford chased them.

Moseley said Pyles’ account to police was erratic. He argued there was no physical contact between him and the victim then alleged the victim struck him first and he hit her back and also that the two were hitting each other. Pyles told authorities he did not recall a lot because he had been using methamphetamine at the time of the incident.

Buford and Bakoylis both told investigators the three picked up the victim, that a quarrel started between the victim and Pyles, then got physical. Both said the group went to the East Moline residence and the two later fetched a black strap at Pyles' request, which was one of the items he used to restrain the victim. Buford told police he witnessed Pyles hit the victim with the shovel. Bakoylis said she did not see that.

Moseley said evidence recovered included a plastic lawn chair with yellow rope hanging from it, a black strap and a shovel.

The cases against Pyles and Bakoylis were both still pending as of Thursday.

Pyles was being held on a $250,000 bail, court records state. To be released he would have to post a $25,000 bond. His next court date was scheduled for Oct. 22.

Bakoylis is scheduled for a court hearing on Oct. 11, records state. The last update in her case was from July. It stated she was scheduled for release on a $50,000 recognizance bond.

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