Morgan Eversoll spent a portion of Friday afternoon looking to cash in on some sales at her favorite consignment shop.

But the desire to land three long-sleeved shirts for the price of two ended with a stolen wallet and left Eversoll scrambling to make ends.

As seen in the surveillance video from Plato's Closet, 5254 Elmore Ave,  Davenport, it appears the 20-year-old Augustana College student's black Kate Spade wallet was taken by a dark-haired woman holding an infant.

Around 3:30 p.m. Friday, the woman made a debit-card purchase and signed for it before taking the wallet, which was leaning against a jar of Ring Pops. Eversoll said she had left the wallet on the counter earlier that day.

Eversoll filed a report with the Davenport Police Department.

"I shop at Plato's Closet very often — about every other week or so," Eversoll said Monday. "After classes (on Friday) I went by there for the sale.

"After I went back and saw the video, there was the lady just taking it right off the counter."

Eversoll said the funds in her wallet are crucial. She said she is paying her way through college and helps make ends meet by selling jewelry on a Facebook page called "Get Your Sparkle On - Morgan's $5 Jewelry."

Eversoll posted the video on her own Facebook page and said she hopes the management at Plato's Closet would hand it — and copies of the debit-card receipt — to the police.

"It's just devastating," Eversoll said. "I was just looking for any way to get it back. It would really mean the world to me."

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