Ryan and Garrett Burchett, 305 N. Cody Rd., LeClaire, commercial addition, Twin Shores Management, $445,854.

Allen and Debbie Nylin, 18 Elmwood Drive, Blue Grass, single-family dwelling, $154,162.

Don Collins, 63 Country Club Court, LeClaire, single-family dwelling, Applestone Homes, $203,071.

MHGLH LLC, 2292 Forest Reed Place, LeClaire, single-family dwelling, AME Construction, $177,905.

Ryan Carstensen, 29 Sand Stone Court, LeClaire, single-family dwelling, Core Designs, $162,581.

Mark and Chris Drayer, 28220 217th St., LeClaire, single-family dwelling, $90,892.

Ty Williams, 107 W. 1st St., McCausland, single-family dwelling, Jim Rasche, $103,068.

Edgebrooke Homes LLC, 19141 246th Ave., Bettendorf, $260,669.

Rexco Equipment, 13500 118th Ave., Davenport, sign, Mediaquest Signs, $30,000.

Loren and Jen Clasen, 20209 20th Ave., Stockton, residential addition, Custom Builders, $20,400.

Kari Jewell, 23960 92nd Ave., Walcott, residential addition, N A Seligman Construction, $7,488.

Kari Jewell, 10235 New Liberty Road, Walcott, residential addition, N A Seligman Construction, $198,900.

Rylan and Anne Bebermeyer, 10830 210th St., Davenport, residential addition, Home Improvement Innovations, $20,400.

James and Molly Jones, 301 S. 5th St., LeClaire, residential addition, Clinton Custom Sheds, $2,400.

Mike and Melissa Stalkfleet, 104 S. 12th St., LeClaire, residential addition, Coach House Garages, $11,424.

Brian Holland, 203 E. Gails St., McCausland, residential addition, $12,240.

Jeff Liske, 29145 170th Ave., Long Grove, residential addition, $38,080.

Rod and Ronnda Phillips, 14 Cait Drive, Eldridge, deck, $2,475.

Kory O’Day, 20919 200th Ave., Long Grove, deck, Pfitz’s Fence & Deck, $2,700.

Dennis White, 10 Aspen Drive, Blue Grass, deck, Decked Out Deck & Fence, $5,880.

Robert Salek, 630 S. Cody Road, LeClaire, residential addition, Sampson Construction, $4,200.

Karl Drezek, 734 S. Cody Road, LeClaire, deck, $6,825.

Tonya Hilliard, 419 S. 8th St., LeClaire, deck, Pfitz’s Fence & Deck, $45,760.

Polly Parrent, 28038 230th St., LeClaire, deck, Mike Sampson, $8,400.

Joel and Jessica Kimberly, 211 Park Ave., Panorama Park, deck, Taylor Improvements, $2,520.

Ralph and Annette Hughes, 12 Oakwood Drive, Blue Grass, residential remodel, J D Coussens, $25,000.

Derek Murphy, 23068 277th Ave., LeClaire, residential addition, Travis Corson, $28,320.

Pat Wood, 19300 251st Ave., Bettendorf, residential addition, $1,500.

Doug Stearns, 17455 277th St., Long Grove, residential remodel, Larry Matzen, $15,975.

Tim Raleigh, 26810 172nd Ave., Long Grove, residential addition, Jansen Custom Homes, $22,451.


Richard Matson, 152 16th St., deck, $5,100.

Hugo Hernandez, 130 16th St., Bureau Co. Pool Builders, pool, $5,000.

Richard and Karla McKee, 1106 2nd Ave., residential remodel, Blaze Restoration, $65,900.

Silvis Mart, 426 1st Ave., commercial remodel, QCA Professional, $8,500.

Genesis Medical Center, 801 Illini Drive, commercial remodel, Tri-City Electric Co., $21,827.


Reflexology Center, 4003 Lillie Ave, issued in June.

Natural Healing IL/IA LLC, 2303 E. 53rd St., issued in June.

Home Hardware, 1716 W. 37th St., issued in June.

JP’s Automotive 223 Myrtle St., issued in June.

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