Selena Maher, 2872 Forest Road, residential remodel, Reed Construction, $8,000.

Future Capital LLC, 1607 W. 8th St., residential remodel, Maintenance Pro Team, $24,960.

VZ Properties LLC, 510 Brady St., commercial remodel, $400,000.

Tyler and Darak Bolkema, 1931 W. 16th St., deck, $6,100.

Verizon Wireless, 5256 Elmore Ave., commercial remodel, QC Construction Services, $100,000.

Davenport Community Schools, 3801 Marquette St., new commercial, Precision Builders, $172,000.

Future Capital, 1709 W. 9th St., residential remodel, Maintenance Pro Team, $30,000.

Future Capital LLC, 1415 Main St., residential remodel, Maintenance Pro Team, $26,500.

Massut LLC, 528 W. 6th St., deck, Bettendorf Home Repair, $23,500.

Palmer College, 1000 Brady St., commercial remodel, Estes Construction, $2,174,019.

White House Homes, 6400 Lillie Ave., single-family dwelling, $190,931.

Brian and Susan Schmidt, 3914 Ridgewood Ave., deck, Ingleby Construction, $20,000.

Tom Lynch, 526 S. Clark St., residential remodel, $34,120.

St. Ambrose University, 518 W. Locust St., commercial addition, Bush Construction, $7,373,254.

Willodine and Mike Salter, 3818 W. Lombard St., deck, Thomas Construction, $5,000.

Kyle and Debra Howard, 5120 Fillmore Court, pool, $6,200.

Mary Arp, 2312 E. 11th St., residential addition, Rodenburg Builders, $59,990.

Ayers & Sons LLC, 702 Wilkes Ave., deck, Iossi Construction, $1,284.

Greg and Cindy Davis, 1415 MeadowView Lane, residential addition, $38,000.

Tim Shea, 6123 Belle Court, single-family dwelling, Sampson Builders, $353,180.

Mark C. Wood Builder LTD, 6137 Christie Court, pool, Sentry Pool and Chemical Supply, $27,718.

Town and Country Manor Development Corp., 6475 Fairhaven Road, single-family dwelling, Dan Dolan Homes, $189,900.

Zach Zeiser, 130 Colony Drive, deck, Sampson Construction, $4,680.

Jose and Michelle Marceleno, 417 W. 16th St., residential addition, $15,000.

Steve and Kinsey Christin, 1312 Eagle’s Crest Ave., deck, $5,500.

Zach and Shannon Streit, 6141 N. Thornwood Ave., pool, $2,800.

John C. Korn Jr. Trust, 3 Lombard Court, residential remodel, JMC Remodeling, $12,000.

Greg Bastina, 515 E. 7th St., residential remodel, $15,000.

Hy-Vee, 4064 E. 53rd St., commercial remodel, Hy-Vee Construction, $15,900.

Emerson Holdings LLC, 220 Emerson Place, commercial remodel, $4,775.

Chris Janczak, 6536 Main St., single-family dwelling, $117,638.

Chris Webster, 2426 E. 51st St., residential remodel, Premier Custom Homes, $50,000.

Mike and Karla Fraser, 3421 W. Columbia Ave., deck, $2,500.

DFE LLC, 4004 W. Kimberly Road, commercial addition, MGA Construction, $23,500.

Roy McBee, 2306 Hillandale Road, residential remodel, $1,600.

John Schlue, 4837 Armil Court, pool, $4,585.

Troy Farley and Vanessa Newkirk, 3850 Sea Oaks Circle, residential addition, Sampson Construction, $25,240.

Zach Janczak, 6524 Main St., single-family dwelling, $122,638.

Breckinridge Partners Cooperative, 4323 N. Division St., multi-family remodel, Werner Restoration Services, $789,000.

Future Capital, 1523 W. 4th St., residential remodel, Maintenance Pro Team, $20,500.

Future Capital, 1221 Brown St., residential remodel, Maintenance Pro Team, $26,700.

Future Capital, 2318 Davie St., residential remodel, Maintenance Pro Team, $13,300.

Pearson Building Pursuits, 6127 Spring Circle, single-family dwelling, $213,000.

James Morris, 2405 Lorton Place, residential addition, $11,000.

Linda Doellinger, 1102 W. 57th Place, residential addition, Carr Construction, $82,250.

Iowa American Water Co., 1719 E. River Drive, commercial remodel, SAC Wireless LLC, $40,000.

Pat Connor, 6101 W. River Drive, residential addition, $70,000.

Phil Huffman, 3421 W. Lombard St., residential addition, Moxie Solar, $6,394.

Chris Bernat, 2709 Pershing Ave., residential addition, Moxie Solar, $28,255.

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