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Big Story

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Looking into the microscope North Scott High School, teacher Jacob Hunter asks questions of Michael Araciun and Ceandra Staub. The class is a key aspect of North Scott's plan to be a regional home for agricultural education and FFA activities in the Quad-Cities.

Early each morning on the Engelbrecht farm in Davenport, 15 year old Chloe is up with the chickens.

The North Scott High School sophomore is learning life lessons by taking responsibility for the egg-layers on the family farm. But her involvement in her high school's agriculture program is taking her understanding of farming to another level.

Chloe, the daughter of Corey and Erin Engelbrecht, is a member of the North Scott FFA organization (previously known as Future Farmers of America), and she takes classes in agricultural education. The classrooms are busy places, with 110 students enrolled in ag classes taught by Jacob Hunter.

That's the beginning of this week's Big Story, from journalist Deirdre Cox Baker. Get the full feature here.

Yoga for inmates

In reporter Jack Cullen's latest Notes @ Noon, he takes you into the Scott County Jail and the inmate's yoga program.

Cullen writesOne by one, four women positioned their bare feet on yoga mats around the drab-carpeted, makeshift studio in downtown Davenport.

“We’ll start in the mountain pose,” Joan Marttila, the instructor, said to begin the session. “That’s a pose where we just stand very still.”

None of the students had cellphones with them or commitments after class to disturb or distract their focus. Clad in orange jumpsuits, they walked there empty-handed from their cells at Scott County Jail for their weekly 60-minute yoga class.

Get the full story, and footage of the program, here.

Fire Marshall Hayman dies at 62

Mike Hayman

One of the Davenport Fire Department's top leaders and longest tenured members has passed away.

Fire Marshal and Assistant Chief Mike Hayman, 62, died Thursday afternoon after being admitted to the intensive care unit at Genesis Medical Center-East Rusholme Street, Davenport, on Wednesday.

Hayman was with the Davenport Fire Department for 33 years and left behind a strong legacy to those he worked with.

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Except for potential delays headed west on I-74 you should see open roads.