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Handsome, friendly Rudolph, only a few months old, is enjoying a second chance at life.

Rudolph, a pit-bull mix who is six to eight months old, is waiting to be adopted from Kings Harvest Pet Rescue, Davenport, where he arrived after he survived a euthanasia attempt.

Rochelle Dougall, assistant director, said Rudolph’s story is similar to that of other dogs transported to Kings Harvest from shelters in the south.

Kings Harvest received word about dogs at an Oklahoma shelter scheduled to be euthanized because the shelter was full. “We got a call that one of them actually was already put down, and he survived,” Dougall said.

“The vet that injected him refused to do it again, considering that he had lived through it. He did live through it, thankfully, and with no medical conditions,” Dougall said.

Rudolph has been in the shelter since Wednesday after the euthanasia attempt one or two weeks ago.

“We work with different rescue groups in shelters in the south and they basically go around and pull dogs that are going to be put down within a week,” Dougall said. “They board them, vet them, and then they are able to transport them here to us.”

The fact that Rudolph survived is a miracle, she said.

After Rudolph’s story appeared on the shelter’s Facebook page, people have contacted the shelter seeking to adopt him.

“He loves everything and everyone, gets along with other dogs, with people, with kids, with cats, with young children – he is just a doll,” Dougall said. “For being a puppy, he’s very mellow. Whatever he’s been through has clearly affected him.

“He’s a wonderful dog, and he’s very loving.”

She said she can’t count the calls

“This dog can go home with one family,” Dougall said.

In addition, his story created awareness of the shelter and animals that need homes. “We’re hoping that we’re going to clear all of our dogs out because of this one special dog.”

On Friday, the shelter had 12 dogs and between 120-140 cats at its facility, as well as puppies, kittens and two pregnant dogs in foster homes.

“We’re grateful to the community and the transport people,” she said. “There are so many other dogs that don’t deserve to be put down. And they’re here and they’re ready for their second chance.”

Rudolph is a happy tail-wagger who couldn’t stop cuddling and licking vet tech Gabrielle Weeks when she visited his kennel. She said the Kings Harvest staff will narrow the applications.

Rudolph remained calm and friendly even when a stranger greeted him with a pat on the head.

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