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The numbers 2-1-1-2 kept appearing before a Davenport man, and he won $300,000 in an Iowa Lottery game by acting on the coincidence.

Kelvin Wynn, 57, won a total of $300,000 in the Tuesday evening drawing of the Iowa Lottery’s Pick 4 game, the lottery said in a news release Thursday. He won 10 prizes of $30,000 by matching all four of the numbers drawn in the exact order: 2-1-1-2, which is known as a straight play.

Wynn, who works for a landscaping company in the Quad-City area, bought his winning tickets Tuesday at Q-C Mart, 2843 E. 53rd St., Davenport. He picked his own numbers using the numbers he said he dreamt about two weeks ago.

“Actually, I had a dream, and in that dream, it was hotel room number 2112, but I thought nothing of it,” Wynn told lottery employees Thursday as he claimed his prize at the lottery’s headquarters in Clive. “Then, the next day one of my clients’ address happened to be (2112), and I thought, ‘Oh, coincidence, no big deal.’”

Later the same day, he was at a stop light and the vehicle in front of him had 2112 in the license plate, and his purchase at a department store equaled $21.12.

After encouragement from his wife, Wynn decided to play the numbers in an upcoming Pick 4 drawing. He said he rarely plays the lottery, but he had a good feeling about playing this set of numbers.

“I realized I had overtime on my check. I said, ‘Ah, let’s just go for it,’” Wynn said.

Wynn found out he had won by checking his tickets on the lottery’s website the next day. He said a majority of his lottery winnings will be used to help pay the education expenses for his three children, two of whom just graduated college and the third who is still in college. He also plans to buy a new set of golf clubs.

-- Times staff