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"Been working so hard ...

I'm punching my card ..."

Mid-City High School science teacher Ryan Schneider twirls and jukes with Kenny Loggins's catchy tune, "Footloose." The song is set to an official "Welcome Back" video to students at Davenport's newest high school.

"Eight hours for what ...

Oh, tell me what I got ...

I've got this feeling ...

That times are holding me down ..."

Jake Klipsch, Mid-City's principal, jumps on a table on wheels in the video and spins around, surfing down one of the ramps in the school.

Teachers and staff, directed by Schneider, teamed up a few weeks ago to make the basic video. In addition, Schneider taped some teachers who arrived for the school's in-service days.

The video was posted on YouTube and ready to debut on Aug. 23, the first day of school. The "Footloose" version, now up on YouTube (accompanying this story online at, has more then 850 views.

Schneider is a science teacher at Mid-City, but back at his high school in Rockford, Ill., he started experimenting with video editing on computers. He has made a number of videos, and last spring, he created one with Mid-City staff to promote the Iowa Assessment tests.

That was the first one of the genre, and it's also on YouTube with more than 2,400 views. Klipsch kicks off that video with a bit of rap music, encouraging the students to work hard on the tests. 

Mid-City High School opened in 2014, as a new type of alternative high school. It was set up as a 21st-century learning environment that allows students and staff to easily change traditional classrooms into a learning space ideal for collaborative teams and project-based learning.

A majority of the students at Mid-City have had negative experiences in school, and Klipsch said it was important to introduce the "Welcome Back" video in the first hour of the first day. "It's the introduction to a school unlike any they have seen before," he said.

More than a dozen teachers and staff members dance on the video, focusing on how they have missed the students over the summer and can't wait to see them again.

Klipsch walked down the school hallways the first day of classes and was happy to hear the students watching the video, which they did through the Mid-City network.

Schneider, the director, said several staff members where happy to dance when invited to do so, but he also showed them how-to-dance videos before he started recording.

The video is also an introduction to a new amenity at Mid-City. The school now has a state-of-the-art production studio, and the students will be able to make videos and podcasts as part of their schoolwork.