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Prince of Peace Catholic School

Prince of Peace Catholic School

From the Salute to Academics and Achievements series

PRINCE OF PEACE Catholic School, Clinton, has selected these outstanding seniors from its class of 21 students:


CAITLYN JACOBS, daughter of Don and Gerilyn Jacobs of Clinton, plans to major in English at Benedictine College, Atchison, Kansas.

Top achievements:

• 4.0 GPA, 4 years

• National Honor Society, vice president

• HOBY Leadership Conference

Describe a classroom learning experience you’ll remember forever: In the beginning of my freshman year in my biology class, we learned about genetics and the Human Genome Project. This was one of my first high school classroom experiences. I remember this day specifically because I found the topic to be very interesting, which helped to encourage my excitement about learning many different things in many different subjects throughout the rest of high school.

The Arts

Jakob Motroni


ALEX HESSING, son of Paul and Julie Hessing of Clinton, plans to major in physics and astronomy at the University of Iowa, Iowa City.

Top achievements:

• Aceing my chemistry final, sophomore year

• "3" on AP environmental science exam

• Writing scholarship-winning essay including CloseUp trip to Washington, D.C.

Describe a classroom learning experience you’ll remember forever: I remember, not very long ago, I was sitting in class, during my Statistics class, drudging through the lesson, my mind being bombarded with heaps of information that was interesting, but altogether really hard to understand. I kept thinking to myself, "Why are the teachers so hard on us? I just don't understand what we did to deserve this." When I got out of school, I saw a post on social media of my cousin, a student at a public school nearby, complaining about doing work in their Statistics class. When I saw what they were working on, I noticed they were working on something we had already accomplished nearly 4 months ago. It revealed to me how much the teachers actually do care about us. They don't want to punish us, they want us to succeed, by testing our limits, and pushing us to be our very best.


ELIZABETH FRANA, daughter of Kathleen and Demetrius Frana of Clinton, plans to major in physical therapy at Black Hawk College, Moline.

Top achievements:

• Honor Roll

• Quiz Bowl

• Iowa Girls’ High School Athletic Union Distinguished in Academic Achievement award

Describe a classroom learning experience you’ll remember forever: A learning experience that I will always remember, is when we got to teach the class for a day. In history class a few classmates and myself, created away to teach about the legislative branch. We talked about both the House of Representatives and Senate. We also talked about the committees in congress and the powers congress holds. Then we had a step by step list of how a bill becomes a law. The group also created a Jeopardy game to help our classmates learn the information in a different way. To help our classmates remember the information, we made a worksheet, and later went over the worksheet to make sure everyone knew the information. This is something I will remember forever because I had a lot of fun teaching the class. I also enjoy learning more about the government and how it works. I love helping people learn.

Math/The Sciences

REBECCA DIVARCO, daughter of Danielle Zabloudil and Stephen Divarco of Clinton, plans to major in biochemistry at Grinnell (Iowa) College.

Top achievements:

  • National Honor Society, president
  • Clinton Community College President's List
  • Iowa High School Music Association Distinguished in Academic Achievement award, 4 years

Describe a classroom learning experience you’ll remember forever: I will always remember one particular day in my freshman biology class when we had watched a video about a man who had recently lost his arm, but still felt as if it was there. This is a phenomenon known as phantom limb syndrome. Since that day, I have been intrigued by the study of nerves, called neuroscience, and now aspire to help further the research of our brains. If I had not been there that one day, nor had we not watched the video, I would have never had the passion I have today.

Young Journalist

MIRANDA SCHNIER, daughter of David and Laura Schnier of Clinton, plans to major in  nursing at Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids.

Top achievements:

  • National Honor Society
  • Honor Roll
  • One of top students in class

Describe a classroom learning experience you’ll remember forever: A classroom learning experience that I will never forget was learning about college debt in Economics. This helped me to understand the importance of being careful with loans you take out for college, and it will help me when I have children of my own.


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