St. Ambrose House Crawl

A cup of beer is filled from a keg during the 2018 St. Ambrose house crawl. 

Five people were treated for "alcohol-related concerns” during an off-campus “house crawl” involving St. Ambrose University students Saturday, Davenport police confirmed Monday.

One person was in the 2000 block of Harrison Street, while the other four were in the 2500 block of Brady Street, police say.

Four were transported to a local hospital.

Police said there were no reported fights or other types of disturbance, and “most students were respectful” during the event. 

Officers arrested two men on separate charges of public intoxication and interference with official acts. Police did not say whether anyone was cited or arrested for underage drinking.

An April 2017 post on SAUmediaHive described the annual event as a “house-to-house, alcohol-fueled hike that we Bees make to celebrate another year of hell.”

University spokesman Craig DeVrieze said Saturday’s event is a “non-university sanctioned off-campus event and did not occur on university-owned property.”

“While the University does not sanction this or similar events, St. Ambrose officials have consulted with Davenport Police in regards to the situation and out of concern for the health and safety of our students and others,” he said. “We continue to work proactively with city officials and neighborhood residents to minimize any negative impact on neighbors and their property and to minimize risk to the safety of our students.”

DeVrieze said the university does not comment on student disciplinary matters when asked if any students have been disciplined following the house crawl.

Alderman Ray Ambrose, 4th Ward, said he started to receive complaints about the event late Friday afternoon when neighbors said they saw some of the rental properties in the area being set up for parties.

“Apparently the kids try to keep it under the radar as much as possible because they know how angry the neighbors get,” he said.

Ambrose also received complaints of public intoxication, public drug use and public urination.

“It seems like three years ago, it was horrible,” he said. “Last year (it) was the same complaints, but there weren’t that many. But this year, you know, the neighbors have had it. And St. Ambrose, they’ve made an effort to try and keep the students entertained on campus. St. Ambrose is trying to take care of the kids, obey the law and be good mentors to the students that are gong to their school, but once they leave the campus they’re in my ward, my neighborhood, and the police department and the city is responsible for these people to obey the laws.

"We are going to review the response the police department had Saturday, we’re going to review the complaints, we’re going to review the landlords whose property were involved in it," Ambrose said. "We don’t want anybody hurt because of being young and stupid, and after reviewing some of the pictures that I’ve received from many, many people and the complaints, there’s a lot of stupid young adults out there that were jeopardizing their health, their well-being, the name of the great University of St. Ambrose and the neighbors. And that’s unacceptable. “

DeVrieze and Ambrose said there was a meeting between the city, university and police about the event three years ago.

DeVrieze said since that meeting, security officers have reached out in advance to notify neighbors that would appear to be impacted and has hired off-duty Davenport police officers to help keep the environment as safe as possible.

“We also make clear to our students in all ways and at all times an expectation that they behave respectfully and responsibly,” he said.

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