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Genesis Medical Center is shown May 4, 2017. 

People undergoing cancer treatment will now have the opportunity to receive care closer to home through Genesis Health System.

At a press conference Monday, Genesis announced an alignment of three Quad-Cities medical oncologists to its cancer care in order to create a regional model.

Oncologists Dr. Stewart Garneau, Dr. David Spector and Dr. Michael Porubcin will now provide medical care at Genesis Cancer Institute, with locations at Genesis Medical Centers in Davenport and Silvis.

"These physicians have spent nearly 90 years fighting cancer in our community, and now they're becoming part of the Genesis Cancer Care Clinic, both here on our Davenport campus and at our medical center in Silvis," said Genesis Executive Medical Officer Dr. Kurt Andersen. "These doctors spent many years in practice. This is now truly a leap of faith for them to now become part of the health system and join Genesis."

Cancer requires myriad treatments and moving parts, said Genesis President and CEO Doug Cropper. "Sometimes, this results in tiring treatments and highs and lows and ups and downs. Knowing the unique challenges for those affected by cancer, Genesis is making this investment to put a network of care in place for cancer treatment so patients can stay close to home."

"Cancer is a word that brings up a lot of emotions in all of us," Cropper told the crowd Monday. Cancer is part of both Genesis' history and Cropper's personal history; company founder Mother Mary Borromeo Johnson died of cancer in 1874, while Cropper's mother died of cancer in 2006.

In his remarks, Porubcin outlined the three tenets of cancer treatment: to be true, to be good and have an appeal. "Our program must be anchored in and always keep up with constantly evolving science," he said, saying it must be based from the best available evidence whenever possible. "It has to be ethical and patient-centered. Here I think Genesis has been on solid ground since its inception 150 years ago." 

Cancer is something that can afflict anyone, and there cannot be financial discrimination, Porubcin said. Healthy connections and associations both internal and external are key, he said. "And of course, we have to keep up with science. Of course, it must be ethically sound. But in the end, what keeps the program running, what motivates people to work hard is best characterized by the world relationship.

"When relationships are strong, patients do not leave their doctors. Doctors and nurses stay. Medical groups and institutions build partnerships." 

Genesis Medical Center Silvis President Theresa Main said they can play an important part in helping cancer patients receive coordinated care in the Genesis system while remaining close to home. "Their arrival at the Silvis campus has energized the entire staff," she said of the three oncologists. "We look forward to renovations there that will bring about a much larger, patient-friendly space." 

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