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What have you identified as priorities or goals should you be elected?

Infrastructure: Such as street and sewer repairs.

Public safety: Such as police and fire.

Economic job growth: Promoting companies to our area with good paying jobs and benefits.

Davenport’s riverfront is often times referred to as its greatest asset. Is Davenport on the right path to develop a “world-class riverfront?” Do you have a specific vision for what you would like to see or are there certain amenities you would like to incorporate?

The city of Davenport has a plan for the riverfront and we need to start implementing it. But we also need to take our time to make sure we implement it in the correct way. What I would like to see is small businesses as well as green space with recreational areas, a nice mixture of the two. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the riverfront.

Davenport NOW was credited with spurring development at a time when construction was lacking. With the program scheduled to sunset next year, would you support continuing the program or what modifications would you like to see?

The NOW program is a great program. We just need to tweak it in a few ways such as making the NOW program more of a focus on the homes already built in the city. If we can update an existing neighborhood, that will bring more residents that don’t want to build new construction. Also, we need to sit down with the homebuilders association to see what Davenport can do to help drive homebuilders to build in Davenport instead of our outlining communities. This will help with our tax base and our schools as it is part of the American Dream to some people to build a new home and to be able to call it theirs.

Why are you running for Davenport City Council?

I want to continue to help Davenport move in the right direction as well as make a difference in Davenport. I am excited to get busy working with the city. I have met many residents of the city during this campaign by door knocking. I have taken notes on the questions and concerns that my fellow residents have. We are all neighbors in this city, and we seem to all have the same concerns. When talking to neighbors in the 2nd Ward, I think a lot of them feel like they have not been heard. They would like a voice in how Davenport should move forward. I think the best reason I am running is to be able to make a difference in what the residents actually have concerns about. I would love the opportunity to be able to actually listen to my neighbors concerns and take it to the city council. Not everything can get solved, but I will do my best to ensure the 2nd Ward voices are heard. I am an everyday working Union member in Davenport. I am not currently on any committees. I don’t have any large backing. I am just concerned about our community and would like the opportunity to let the voices of my neighbors in the 2nd Ward be heard.

How does your work, public service or volunteer experience translate to serving on the Davenport City Council?

Through my work as well as volunteer work I will serve the people in Davenport by being able to get along with all other council members despite having differences in opinions. The ability of working hard, and everyone working together to achieve one common goal to continue to move Davenport forward in the right direction. Also, through my work experience, one of the biggest lessons I have learned, which will help serve Davenport, is simply listening and keeping an open mind. I think listening to fellow citizens is key to serving them because at the end of the day, that is what I need to do: Serve the citizens of the 2nd Ward.

In your estimation, what are the strengths of the city of Davenport?

Davenport strengths are the people. We are a diverse community with all walks of life. I have met many residents of Davenport through this campaign process and I have to say although we are all different, we all want the same things in our community. We all worry about the same things: safety, infrastructure, education and jobs. Davenport also has skilled and talented people that are willing and able to perform skilled jobs which will bring more manufacturing opportunities to our city.

What are the areas the city of Davenport can improve on?

Davenport can always improve nothing is ever perfect. I think there are a few areas Davenport can improve on. Right now we have crime rate that is on the rise. Continuing to increase the police force is a good start. I think the increase in juvenile crime is something we need to continue to address we have some good youths programs working right now to address this problem but I think more are needed. I also think the Davenport schools have been unjustly budgeted where now Davenport School Systems have a negative stigma. I believe we have the best educators in the area. Our schools need to be spotlighted and promoted. Having great schools brings new construction in housing which in turn brings more citizens to our area with more taxes being paid. We also need to work on improving streets which has already started but needs to keep improving.

In your ward, what are the biggest challenges facing your constituents? What plans or strategies have you formulated to address these issues?

The biggest challenges in my ward right now are the residential streets, and crime rates. My strategies to help these issues are finding unique ways to fund the projects of street repairs as well as to keep the budget for street repair at an all-time high. For the crime rates I would like to continue to provide the police department with the resources they need to combat the crime rates as well as promote area youth programs.