Jonathan Narcisse has filed for governor, rounding out the field of candidates to be Iowa’s CEO to five.

Narcisse, Des Moines businessman active in politics and community affairs, is running on the Iowa Party ticket. He and his running mate, Rick Marlar, of Washington, Iowa, submitted nominating petitions signed by nearly 1,900 Iowans from 47 counties.

Narcisse hopes to take advantage of a rising tide of grassroots support for his “None of the Above” campaign.

“Iowans are not enthusiastic about a sixth Branstad-Culver administration,” he said. “Despite the two waging the most negative campaign in Iowa’s history, an honest examination of their records, practices, policies and especially their contributors, confirms the differences between these two men are primarily stylistic not substantive. Neither has offered a concrete plan to address the critical challenges facing our state. If they have, I’d love to read it.”

He’s been pleasantly surprised by the number of supporters of Republican Bob Vander Plaats leaning his way.

“They understand, despite the rhetoric of candidate Branstad, that his 16 years in office make it clear he just doesn’t care about their priorities,” Narcisse said. “So I’m seeing a lot of that support pour my way especially from rural communities.”

In addition to Narcisse, Democratic incumbent Gov. Chet Culver, former Republican Gov. Terry Branstad, Libertarian Eric Cooper and Socialist Dave Rosenfeld have filed for governor.

Culver had no comment about Narcisse’s entry into the race other than to say he’s looking forward “to making sure that Iowa voters know that the Culver-Judge ticket is the ticket that will move Iowa forward. We’re going to go out there and earn enough votes to win despite whoever gets in the race.”

Narcisse is a former Des Moines school board member, publisher and editor of multiple publications, radio show host and community advocate. During the early part of the decade, he authored a 3,500-page report analyzing the condition of blacks in Iowa’s 99 counties and headed statewide health and education initiatives.

For more on his campaign, visit www.NarcisseForIowa.com.