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Davenport 2nd Ward Alderwoman Maria Dickmann will have some competition this election season as Mike Prunchak has announced his candidacy for City Council.

Prunchak became interested in running after attending the city of Davenport's Citizens Academy, an eight-week course that teaches residents how the city is run and operated.

The Davenport West High School alumnus has placed his focus on improving education, infrastructure and committing more resources to public safety.

"After looking around our community, I feel I can help make our community become a better place for our families to live," Prunchak said. "The key points I would focus on would be education, investing in our infrastructure including our streets and sewers (and) taking care of our police and fire departments. With the three key points I just mentioned, our community would develop economic job growth with more skilled workers, quality streets and highly trained police, fire and medic departments."

Prunchak works as a plumber in Local 25 Plumbers and Pipefitters Union and volunteers at Fairmount Cemetery and coaching T-ball at Northwest Ball Park.

"I see myself as a hard-working individual, and I would use the lessons I've learned in life to better serve the 2nd Ward and the community of Davenport," Prunchak said. "With your support, I look forward to serving and listening to each and every one of my constituents. If elected, I will make the best decisions for the people I work for."