John Maxwell

Age: 57

Residence: Donahue

Qualifications: I own and operate my own business, Cinnamon Ridge Farms. I have served on many boards, including the North Scott School Board as president.

Does the county provide enough funding for mental health services? Explain.

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Nationwide, there is a great need for more mental health funding. Over the last few years, local resources have seen growth and great accomplishments. In order to build on that success, continued collaboration among vital people and organizations is necessary. If elected, I pledge to continue working with the other counties in our region, the legislators, and Scott County key players to build, expand and emphasize mental health systems in the area. With that cooperation, we can increase funding for mental health services.

How should the county board balance the need to preserve rural farm ground with the needs of economic development?

I’m a strong advocate for preserving agricultural farm land and I agree with the county’s land use policy, which allows for development in designated locations. Economic development is necessary for the county to create jobs, which then make for great school growth and a vibrant community.

Are county property taxes too high, too low, or just right? Explain.

Currently, Scott County has the lowest tax rate of the eight largest counties in Iowa and is one of the lowest of all 99 counties. That makes Scott County an attractive place for people and businesses to locate. Having more people and business come to Scott County will increase revenues thus enabling increased support in the many services that Scott County provides. Currently, I feel taxes are just right.

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