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The long-term vision of the AAA Office Park and the Middle and Devils Glen roads corridor is continuing to develop as the Bettendorf City Council has approved a site development plan for a new commercial building on Palmer Hills Court.

The 7,650 square-foot building on the 3200 block of Palmer Hills Court will house four units and will include parking to accommodate the nearby Hy-Vee as it makes plans to add a gas station and convenience store.

Steve Geifman, president and managing partner of Geifman First Equity, said that the building's tenants are still unknown, but one of the units is sized for a restaurant. For the other units, he envisioned retail opportunities such as a cellular phone store or a use of similar intensity.

In both the Planning and Zoning and City Council meetings, Geifman was asked about the abundance of parking spots given the retail uses are not expected to be intensive.

With Hy-Vee intending to widen its driveway that flows onto Devils Glen Road, and construct the gas station where the Governor's currently sits, Geifman said the idea was to avoid any disruption of parking.

The Bettendorf City Council approved the site development plan for the gas station and convenience store during its Nov. 7 meeting. Originally, the plan included a coffee shop with a driveway, but that was nixed after discussion during the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Once construction is completed, Geifman said there is no intention to add another building. Instead, he said the additional parking will allow for employee parking so that Hy-Vee customers can park closer to the store.