As he continues to call for the passage of a legislative package popularly known as the Green New Deal, one of the latest digital advertisements from Sen. Bernie Sanders features two young boys playing in flooded Riverside Park in downtown Muscatine.

The ad opens up on a tire-swing suspended over floodwaters while the boys – one of them sporting an Iowa Hawkeyes T-shirt – sit along the edge of the playground filled with water.

“If we go out to where the tire swing is, we’ll probably drown if we fall,” one of the boys says.

Other clips show the boys being carried to and from the jungle gym, trash floating in nearby flood water and an inundated park bench overlooking the Mississippi River.

In the ad, Sanders issues a warning that’s long been a common theme of his campaign, saying Americans have a “moral responsibility” to address climate change.

“What the scientists are telling us is we have 12 years to aggressively move forward in transforming our energy system or else the  damage to this planet will be irreparable,” Sanders says in the ad. “And in my view we have a moral responsibility to make certain that the planet we leave our children and grandchildren is a planet that is healthy and habitable.”

The Sanders campaign says the ad – which is being broadcast on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – was filmed during the senator’s latest tour through the southeast Iowa community, where environmental policy was among the topics discussed during a town-hall style meeting with around 230 people at West Middle School.

Other town landmarks captured in the video include the Grain Processing Corporation’s Muscatine plant and Pearl City Station.

Sanders, a Vermont Independent who is seeking the presidency for the second time, played well in Muscatine County during the last Iowa caucuses. He beat out Democratic contender Hillary Clinton there by a margin of eight percentage points, but lost Iowa to Clinton in the closest Democratic contest in the state’s history.

This time around, Sanders faces more than a dozen contenders also seeking the Democratic nomination.  

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