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WHAT WE KNOW: A village emergency flood impact informational meeting was held in Port Byron on May 28. Ten of the 12 residents from North Shore Drive and two residents from North River Drive attended to discuss well contamination and septic issues. Two members from the Rock Island County Health Department gave information on new regulations for homes along the river.

Many of the residents were unaware of how costly bringing their systems into compliance would be. All are buying bottled water to drink, and many are going to motels or friends’ homes to bathe.

The 24 homes on the two streets are mapped into the Port Byron TIF District, but the streets do not currently have village water and sewer access for their streets.

According to Mayor Bruce Peterson, the village already has spent $3 million on water and sewer extensions north of town, and only four families chose to hook up.

WHAT’S NEW: Wayne Oney, chairman of the IRDC Committee, said that while the agenda for the next IRDC meeting had not been formally set, residents were welcome to come and discuss the problems and possible solutions at the next meeting to be held at 4 p.m. Monday, June 17.

“We knew this problem was on the radar. Our job will be to discuss possible solutions in committee and then bring them to the board,” IRDC Committee member Dustin Sloan said.

WHAT’S NEXT: Peterson lives on North Shore Drive; it will be necessary to get a legal opinion as to whether he can act as both a resident with opinions and a voting member of the board of trustees, to avoid possible conflict of interests.

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