Davenport’s Skybridge is still getting its facelift.

A popular summertime spot for tourists and seasoned Quad-Citizens alike, the downtown pedestrian bridge that extends to an overlook of the Mississippi River has been closed for maintenance since late May. Completion of the project, a nearly $380,000 contract aldermen approved last year, is expected in late July.

Contractors initially predicted the work would be finished by mid-July, but flooding prevented work crews from being able to use lift equipment, city spokesman Kurt Allemeier said Wednesday. 

On Tuesday afternoon, many of the panels had been removed from the structure as contractors continued their work.  The lion’s share of the work is removal and replacement of the glass panels that run along the sides of the structure.

City officials say the panels were leaking water and needed replacement. Other maintenance work includes sandblasting and painting rust that has accrued over time.

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