Brain injury survivor Jennifer Soppe presents the Clinical Achievement Award to speech therapist Missy Heinrichs. Heinrichs' sister Mickey Owens, also an Empower House board member, looks on.

In an emotional ceremony, Quad-Cities speech therapist Missy Heinrichs was awarded the Iowa Clinical Achievement Award for SLPs or Audiologists.

Heinrichs was honored for her work to create Empower House, a clubhouse for those with brain injuries. She received the award as a surprise during Empower House's meeting at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Davenport.

"Your role in bringing a brain injury clubhouse to the community is already positively affecting students and people with brain injuries," said Jennifer Soppe, Empower House member and brain injury survivor.

"The other significant clinical achievement is the impact you're having on those who have suffered a brain injury," Soppe said. "While Empower House is still in the beginning stages, the little time we meet-once a week-has begun to foster a feeling of belonging and purpose in those of us with a brain injury." 

Empower House helps brain injury survivors reconnect into life, community and the workplace. People with brain injuries come together to be productive and contribute to a common cause. 

Genesis and MEDIC EMS to host "Stop the Bleed"

Genesis Trauma Services and MEDIC EMS will host free Stop The Bleed classes on Saturday, May 18 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at MEDIC EMS, 1204 East High Street, Davenport. Classes will be held at 10 a.m., 11 a.m., noon and 1 p.m.

“The goal of the classes is to encourage the general public to become trained, equipped, and empowered to help in a bleeding emergency before professional help arrives,’’ Genesis Trauma Coordinator Andrea Bladel said in a release. “Across the country, people are being trained how to stop traumatic bleeding. "These classes are important because a bystander may be the first person available to stop blood loss and could save a life because they have been trained in classes like this.’’

Stop The Bleed is one of nation’s largest public health campaigns. Participating organizations include the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the American College of Surgeons.

“In a matter of seconds a knife stab wound, a gunshot injury, or an injury from a mass casualty event can become a life-threatening injury because of bleeding,’’ Trauma Medical Director and general surgeon John Hartman said. “Stop The Bleed classes could save thousands of lives each year in the U.S. alone."

For more information, call 563-421-7713.

Compassus consultants inducted into Presidents' Circle

Eastern Iowa Hospice Care Consultants Sage Dahlstrom and Corey Giddings have been recognized for their outstanding performance and inducted into the 2019 Compassus Presidents’ Circle.

The honor is reserved for hospice and home health care consultants who consistently expand access to home health, palliative and hospice care in their communities. Dahlstrom and Giddings are two of 67 inductees in this year’s Presidents’ Circle.

“Sage and Corey faithfully demonstrate their dedication to helping patients gain access to the care they need, improving quality of life at a very vulnerable time for both patients and their loved ones,” Executive Director of Compassus-Eastern Iowa Patricia Christy said in a release. “Their commitment is truly impactful, allowing us to demonstrate quality care in its best form, and an inspiration to their colleagues.”

“Working in hospice is incredibly meaningful and rewarding. I’m thankful to be able to help patients and families gain access to the appropriate care at the appropriate time to improve their end-of-life journeys,” said Dahlstrom.

“It is a privilege to meet the patients, families and facilities we serve. I look forward to continuing to serve the community, providing education about the benefits of hospice and access to quality end-of-life care,” said Giddings.

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