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The Wonder Bread girls

The Dreher sisters, wearing their "walking advertisements for Hostess/Wonder Bread." Their dad, Richard Dreher, worked for Hostess for 47 years.

In response to our call for memories of the Hostess plant, we received this photo and letter from Tamra Schadel, Eldridge: "We grew up being walking advertisements for Hostess/Wonder Bread.

"My dad, Richard Dreher, worked for the company 47 years. When we (my siblings) were young, my mom dressed us in red, blue and yellow polka dots (like the Wonder Bread bags) and proudly paraded us all over town.

"When we were older, all the neighborhood kids loved being at our house, knowing we generously shared all our yummy Hostess treats with them.

"Our house always had a loaf of Wonder Bread on the kitchen counter. When visiting other homes, I always looked to see if they had a loaf of Wonder, too.

"My dad would park the big Hostess truck in front of our house.

"When I was 7 years old, my Brownie troop took a tour of the River Drive facility. To me, it was enormous, loud and wonderful.

"I still remember the sights, sounds and smells. Thanks for the warm fond memories, Wonder Bread."