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Adam Cain

Adam Cain

The city of Clinton and the Cain family have released the following information about the condition of firefighter Adam Cain who was injured in an explosion while fighting a fire at the ADM plant.

"Firefighter Adam Cain's breathing tube was removed Sunday for about 12 hours. He did extremely well and was able to breath on his own.

"The family was able to hold a conversation with him and tell him they loved him and he knows everyone is behind him.

Overnight, Adam began to have some troubles breathing so for his comfort, the doctors re-intubated him. This will allow his lungs to heal and to allow him to rest more comfortably with the sedation.

"The doctors did warn the family about setbacks that Adam would experience and the doctor did tell them that this was a setback that had been anticipated.

"Adam had a pretty rough Monday as well, however he has recovered and fought through that.

"As of last night, Adam is resting comfortably and he is stable. He has recovered very well after a rough afternoon.

"The doctor and nursing staff are extremely impressed and pleased with his progress and Adam continues to heal, however, he is still in a critical state.

"At this point in time, the main concern is his lungs and allowing him to heal. In layman’s terms, it’s a battle between Adam and the fluid buildup in his lungs. As of yesterday afternoon, the doctor told them that Adam has been winning that battle.

"The family asks for continued prayers for not only Adam but the Hosette family. They cannot say enough how strong Adam has been, he is fighting hard.

"Thank you all for the continued support, our community is absolutely incredible. They have been overwhelmed with the support. Nothing has gone unnoticed."

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