Five new decorative and functional LED light standards have been installed on the south side of Davenport's 12th Street between Brady and Main streets to enhance the safety and security of the people living there and people attending an increasing number of evening events.

The lights in this area of the Hilltop Campus Village were paid for by grants from the Regional Development Authority, the Scott County Regional Authority and the Hilltop Campus Village Corp., along with support from the city of Davenport, according to a news release from the Hilltop organization.

The regional authorities gave $15,000 each and Hilltop gave $1,300, Scott Tunnicliff, director of the Hilltop organization, said. The city made a commitment that, if the lighting was installed in accordance with appropriate design and locations, it would provide for maintenance and repair in perpetuity, Tunnicliff said.

"This commitment was part of the grant applications and added considerable value as it helps to guarantee sustainability of the street lighting," he said in an email.

Dean John Horn of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral said the new lighting will be especially useful for events such as evening choir practice, guild meetings and other gatherings.

It also will be helpful for any especially crowded events at Davenport Central High School or even Palmer College of Chiropractic, Tunnicliff said.

The lights were installed by the Davenport Electric Contract Co.

The Hilltop Campus Village Corporation is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to restoration and revitalization of the area. Its boundaries are Lombard Street on the north and 5th Street on the south, Perry Street on the east and Ripley Street on the west, including St. Ambrose University, St. Paul Lutheran Church and Palmer College of Chiropractic. The St. Ambrose boundaries include one block south of Locust Street from Ripley to Gaines.