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Eric Vander Meersch, of Moline, carries two bags ice melt to the register at Trevor True Value, Tuesday in Moline. Freezing rain covered the Quad-Cities Tuesday evening.

DAVENPORT — Stay off the roads if at all possible Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, National Weather Service meteorologist Tom Philip advised Tuesday.

An ice storm is expected to pelt the Quad-Cities area with just over a quarter-inch of freezing rain and sleet Tuesday night, ending around 3 or 4 a.m. Wednesday. It will make travel extremely hazardous if not nearly impossible, Philip said.

"Stay home — that's the wisest thing to do," he said. "If you absolutely must drive, make sure you take a safety kit with you."

Bring extra food, water and a flashlight along, Philip said.

Also, beware of possible tree damage and icy sidewalks, parking lots and outdoor staircases, he advised.

Winds shouldn't cause much of a problem at all, Philip said. They will be blowing from the east to northeast at no more than 5 mph to 10 mph in the same time span, he predicted.

No more than moderate flooding problems on the Rock and Wapsipinicon rivers are expected, he said.

The Rock River is at 13 feet in Moline, headed to 13.2 feet, and it will remain steady at a moderate level for about the next seven days, Philip said.

He said he wasn't sure if he would make it to work Wednesday. If he does, he'll spend his time watching the possibility of more rain coming later in the afternoon.

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