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Two storm systems will bring a chance of more snow to the Quad-Cities Sunday through Tuesday, said meteorologist Tim Gross of the National Weather Service, Davenport.

The winter of 2018-2019 already has taken over the number 10 spot on the list of snowiest winters with 50.2 inches already received since November, and record was set for snowiest January as 30.2 inches of snow fell during the month.

Holding the number one spot of snowiest winter is the 1974-1975 season with 69.7 inches, while the number two spot is held by the winter of 2013-2014 with 65.1 inches. The winter of 1978-1979 is number three on the list at 64 inches.

The system that is expected to roll through today is the weaker of the two systems that will impact the Quad-City region, Gross said.

“We’re forecasting 1 to 2 inches of snow in the Quad-Cities with this system,” he said. Based on the weather models Saturday afternoon the snow is expected to begin falling about mid morning. “Hopefully, it will be out of here by early afternoon,” he added.

The high temperature for Sunday is expected to be about 29 degrees, which means that while this is not expected to be a heavy, wet snow, it will have more moisture content that the past events where the temperatures have been much lower.

Gross said there is a small chance of freezing drizzle after the snow departs which could impact untreated roadways and elevated surfaces such as bridges.

The overnight forecast Sunday into Monday calls for cloudy skies with a low of about 20 degrees.

Gross said the track of Monday’s system will determine how much snow the area gets.

“We currently have a range of 2 to 5 inches,” he said. “We have 3 ½ inches in the forecast, but it all depends on how the surface low tracks.”

If the surface low tracks closer to Cedar Rapids, as one weather model has it configured that would mean less snow for the Quad-Cities and more rain. But different weather model has it tracking more toward Peoria, which would mean more snow for the Quad-Cities and less rain.

The high temperatures Monday and Tuesday are forecasted in the lower 30s as of Saturday night, but Gross said those temperatures also will depend on the track of the surface low.

With so much snow that has already fallen this year, Gross said “All we need is 19.6 inches of snow and we’ll set a new all-time record.”

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