Patrick Driscoll Jr.

Patrick Driscoll Jr.

Patrick Driscoll Jr. has announced his candidate as 5th Ward alderman in Davenport.

"If elected alderman, it is my intention to engage the public on all of the many issues facing the citizens of this great city," Driscoll said in a news release.

He has lived in Davenport since 1978. He earned his bachelor's degree in electronics from Hamilton Technical College in 2001.

"Many things are broken in the city, from the banks of our waterways to the bridges in our neighborhoods. Having worked in communications at city hall for 13 years, I can tell you I have seen and heard quite a lot and learned even more," he said.

During that time, he recorded on video more than 500 meetings of the City Council for public viewing, along with meetings such as the Plan & Zoning Commission, Historic Preservation Commission and the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

He says he has firsthand experience seeing up close "all of the great work being done by the professional staff people who work for Davenport."

He is committed to:

  • Continued improvement in the condition of neighborhoods and infrastructure to attract and retain residents and businesses to Davenport, which helps keep the tax burden low.
  • Transparency in government with a focus on good decision-making.
  • Continued partnership with, and support of, the Davenport School District to attract families to Davenport, which in turn boosts funding from Des Moines.
  • Smart and sensible environmental stewardship of parks, waterways, green fields and trail systems.
  • Continued support of public-safety personnel with modern equipment and moral support and through re-accreditation.

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