Ray Kroc's first McDonald's restaurant opened on April 15, 1955, at 400 North Lee Street in Des Plaines, Illinois, near Chicago.

Three shiny new McDonald's Restaurants opened in the Quad-Cities within a year of each other way back in 1958.

During the late 1950s and 1960s one of McDonald's competitors in the fast-food market was Sandy's, a restaurant started by four Kewanee, Ill., businessmen and former McDonald's franchisees.

It featured 15¢ hamburgers, a 20¢ milkshake, and a 10¢ bag of french fries much like McDonald's. Sandy's later became Hardee's in 1972. In 1979, the last Sandy's location in Muscatine, Iowa, became a Hardee's.

Two popular Sandy's locations at the time were at 15th and Harrison streets in Davenport and 55th Street and 4th Avenue in Moline.

Here's a look back at McDonald's from around the world.