Police catch escaped prisoner in Albany

Police catch escaped prisoner in Albany


Escaped inmate Doss Kuykendall is now back in custody. 

Whiteside County Sheriff’s deputies captured the 43-year-old around 11 a.m. Friday in Albany, Ill., authorities said.

Kuykendall, who escaped Wednesday from the East Moline Correctional Center, was spotted Friday morning by an Albany resident who saw a man fitting his description and called the sheriff’s office, according to a news release from Whiteside County Sheriff Kelly Willhelmi.

Deputies responded to the Albany area and observed a man dressed in a soiled white shirt and blue jeans running north through yards in the town. Within minutes, deputies surrounded the area and a K-9 unit from Clinton County, Iowa, began to track the fleeing suspect. 

Within an hour, deputies caught Kuykendall on North Bluff Street. He was taken into Illinois Department of Corrections custody and transported from the scene.

Willhelmi said residents of Albany were vigilant of their surroundings and assisted in the capture of Kuykendall. 

Albany is about 25 miles from East Moline. 

Multiple law enforcement agencies searched two days for Kuykendall, who was serving time for burglary.

A tip Thursday morning brought the manhunt to Cordova, Ill., a town along Illinois 84 that is a little more than halfway between East Moline and Albany. A Rock Island County Sheriff’s deputy spotted Kuykendall on a bicycle near a strip mall on Illinois 84 and chased him into a nearby corn field.

The Rock Island County Sheriff’s Office, with help from the Illinois State Police, an Illinois Department of Corrections SWAT unit and U.S. Marshals, established a perimeter that encompassed several farm fields and searched all day Thursday and into the early morning hours Friday.

Assisting the Whiteside County Sheriff’s Office with Friday morning’s search were officers from the Albany, Erie and Fulton police departments, the Clinton County (Iowa) Sheriff’s Office, Illinois State Police, Illinois Department of Corrections , U.S. Marshals and a K-9 unit from the Sterling Police.

PREVIOUS STORY: Escaped inmate Doss Kuykendall is now in custody. An Illinois Department of Corrections agent captured him around 11 a.m. in Albany, Ill., in Whiteside County, DOC spokeswoman Sharyn Elman said.

Whiteside County Sheriff Kelly Wilhelmi was at the scene. Albany is about 25 miles from East Moline, where Kuykendall, 43, escaped Wednesday from the East Moline Correctional Center, a minimum-security prison.

He had been seen Thursday morning by a Rock Island County Sheriff’s deputy in Cordova, Ill., where he led officers on a chase into a corn field off Illinois 84.

He was serving a sentence for burglary.

UPDATED: Escaped prisoner Doss Kuykendoll has been caught in Albany, Illinois, Rock Island County Sheriff Jeff Boyd said.

UPDATED: Two area farmers got quite the surprising phone call Thursday morning when police said they had information an escaped prisoner was hiding in their corn fields.

Wayne Coers and Marv Riewerts own farms at opposite ends of a perimeter police established just outside Cordova hoping to catch 43-year-old Doss Kuykendoll. 

As of late Thursday, he was still on the loose, and police warned residents to lock their doors.

Since Kuykendoll’s escape from the East Moline Correctional Center Wednesday, police followed tips from Colona, Ill., to Cordova, a community of 600 residents.

“We’re running down every lead we have,” Rock Island County Sheriff’s Capt. Gerry Bustos said from a mobile command center parked at the Cordova Civic Center.

Several law enforcement agencies searched for Kuykendoll, including the Illinois State Police and U.S. Marshals. An Illinois State Police plane circled the perimeter all day Thursday. A K9 unit from the East Moline Police Department also joined the search.

Police said Kuykendoll, who was serving a sentence on a burglary conviction, stole bicycles to get around the area. Police also reported he had shaved his hair and beard. 

Reports of a sighting by a citizen brought the manhunt to Cordova Thursday morning. A Rock Island County Sheriff’s sergeant spotted Kuykendoll riding a bicycle around the Great River Mart, which is a strip mall joined to a gas station on Illinois 84, Rock Island County Sheriff Jeff Boyd said. He added that a chase ensued, and Kuykendoll fled into the corn fields behind the strip mall. 

Police were led to Coers’ and a neighbor’s farms when during the chase, Kuykendoll lost personal property in a corn field. Boyd said the personal property included Kuykendoll’s prison identification number. 

Coers owns a 10-acre corn field on 171st Avenue, which is a half-mile off Illinois 84 north of Cordova. Police spent several hours combing his field and at one point searched an abandoned house that sits on Coers’ property.

“They were looking for him out in the field,” Coers said. “I don’t think he’s in the area, myself. You never know.”

Riverdale High School in Port Byron, Ill., to the south of Cordova, was put on alert, and the East Moline Correctional Center was on lockdown throughout the day.

By early afternoon, officers broke into two groups and searched a grove behind Coers’ farm on foot.

By mid-afternoon, the search shifted south to an 80-acre farm Riewerts owns on 157th Avenue, just east of Cordova. At least 30 Illinois Department of Corrections officers wearing orange jumpsuits and bulletproof vests joined the search.

But Riewerts had something else on his mind.

“I’m more anxious about how my corn yielded,” he said, as a combine roared past on his farm. “I care more about my corn than a prisoner.” 

Meanwhile, several people were shaken by the possibility of an escaped inmate on the loose. A group of law enforcement vehicles sat in front of a house on Illinois 84 where Cindy Traub of Davenport regularly cares for an elderly resident.

“This is absolutely out of the ordinary,” Traub said.

By Thursday night, authorities scaled back the number of law enforcement officers looking for Kuykendoll.

Boyd couldn’t put a figure on the total number of officers in Thursday’s search but said the sheriff’s department sent every day-shift deputy, held over the previous night’s shift and even brought in early some second-shift deputies.

“I’ll know when I get the overtime sheet tomorrow,” he said.

The sheriff’s department will keep extra patrols in the Cordova area until at least this morning. Boyd does not think Kuykendoll is armed but considers him very dangerous.

“He was desperate enough to escape,” he said, adding officers are prepared for the possibility that the fugitive is armed.

“It’s going to be hard for him to escape justice for too much longer,” Boyd said, adding Kuykendoll is now at least well known in rural north Rock Island County.

UPDATED: Escaped prisoner Doss Kuykendoll has not been caught, according to Rock Island County Sheriff Jeff Boyd.

Officers in the field previously had reported that Kuykendoll had been captured in a farm field outside Cordova, Ill.

UPDATED: Escaped prisoner Doss Kuykendoll was caught in a farm field outside Cordova, Ill., according to officers in the field. At the command post, however, Sheriff's Capt. Gerry Bustos will not confirm Kuykendoll is in custody.

UPDATED: Police are concentrating the search for escaped prisoner Doss Kuykendoll in a field around the 22400 block of 157th Avenue near Cordova.

UPDATED: Officers are entering a corn field on 157th Avenue near Cordova. 

UPDATED: Police believe escaped prisoner Doss Kuykendoll cut his beard, stole a bicycle and took off into a corn field. The search continues in farm field outside Cordova, Ill.

UPDATED: Law officers split into two groups looking for Doss Kuykendoll, an escaped prisoner from the East Moline Correctional Center, in a corn field outside Cordova, Ill.

UPDATED: More police vehicles have arrived at the farm outside Cordova looking for an escaped prisoner. Police appear to be searching the house.

UPDATED: Four law enforcement vehicles have left the command center in Cordova and are now at the farmhouse at 23521 171St. Ave. N.

UPDATED: Police canvass River Road, north of Cordova, Ill., telling people to lock their doors because an escaped inmate is on the loose.

UPDATED: Police looking for an escaped inmate from the East Moline Correctional Center have gathered around a farmhouse just north of Cordova.

UPDATED:  A plane is circling a field off 171 Street and Illinois 84, north of Cordova. Other law officers are converging on the field.

UPDATED: Law officers are combing the Cordova, Ill., area in search of  an escaped inmate.

Doss Kuykendoll, 43, was spotted in the area late Wednesday after missing the afternoon head count at the East Moline Correctional Center where he is serving a seven-year prison sentence on a burglary conviction.

Illinois State Police and the Rock Island Sheriff’s Department have set up a co

mmand post at the Cordova Township office.

Illinois State Police are using a plane in the search for Kuykendoll.

Kuykendoll was last seen wearing a gray sweatshirt and white hoodie. He was wearing eyeglasses.

Several local law agencies are assisting in the search.


Inmate escapes from EM Correctional Center

EARLIER STORY: An East Moline Correctional Center inmate escaped this afternoon, an Illinois Department of Corrections spokeswoman said.

The inmate was identified as Doss Kuykendoll, 43.

Illinois corrections agency Chief Public Information Officer Sharyn Elman said Kuykendoll was not in the facility’s head count this afternoon.

“We have alerted and are working with local law enforcement, the Illinois State Police and our internal investigation unit on this case,” Elman said.

Kuykendoll was serving a seven-year prison sentence on a burglary conviction out of McHenry County.

East Moline Correctional Center is a minimum-security work camp facility.


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