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Daily Record routinely publishes public records available through government agencies.



Tonya and Ryan Smith, Davenport, boy, Sept. 12.

Allyson and Nick Huling, Preston, Iowa, boy, Sept. 12.

Stephanie and Brian Meador, Davenport, boy, Sept. 12.

Kimberly and Michael Fischer, Eldridge, girl, Sept. 12.

Rachel Zahringer, Davenport, boy, Sept. 13.

Monica and David Cormeny, Davenport, boy, Sept. 13.

Shardae Boykin, Davenport, girl, Sept. 13.

Jessica Bachman, Davenport, girl, Sept. 13.

Haley Muzzey and Gabe Juras, Davenport, boy, Sept. 13.

Resa Mallinger and Lane Schau, Clinton, girl, Sept. 14.

Ashley and Daniel Griswold, Bettendorf, boy, Sept. 14.

Alicia Claros, Davenport, boy, Sept. 15.

Kassidy and Scott Willimack, Oxford Junction, Iowa, boy, Sept. 15.


Clara Akers and Jacob Pauley, Geneseo, Illinois, girl, Sept. 15.

Teigan Andrews and Ronnie Fentress, Rock Island, girl, Sept. 16.

Jessica Delaere and Kevi Kisher, Moline, boy, Sept. 13.

Page and Josh Kendall, Kewanee, Illinois, girl, Sept. 2.

Daizhiaughn Morrow and Evan Smith, Rock Island, boy, Sept. 15.

Fire calls



EMS calls: 3.


False alarms: 2.

Investigations: 2.

EMS calls: 4.



3:44 a.m., 1111 S. Concord St., excessive heat.

12:47 p.m., 3506 Heatherton Drive, lock-out.

7:17 p.m., Washington Street/West Locust Street, vehicle accident.

False alarms: 4.

Investigations: 4.

EMS calls: 24.



EMS calls: 11.



6:44 a.m., 7800 block of U.S. 150, vehicle accident.

EMS calls: 5.


10:39 a.m., 788 25th Ave. Court, assist.

EMS calls: 9.



8:32 a.m., 4300 11th St., assist.

8:44 a.m., 2417 40th St., assist.

1:21 p.m., 1536 33rd St., assist.

False alarm: 1.

EMS calls: 6.

Building permits


Edwards Construction, 325 Hillside Drive, Eldridge, single-family dwelling, $150,570.

Building & Trades Project Inc., 36 Nicholas Drive, Eldridge, single-family dwelling, $179,970.

Matt and Alisha White, 9205 114th St., Blue Grass, single-family dwelling, DL Peterson Construction, $200,630.

Samantha and Quentin Smith, 105 9th Ave., Donahue, single-family dwelling, Jeff Cronkleton, $196,670.

Max and Elizabeth Knutsen, 109 9th Ave., Donahue, single-family dwelling, Terry Knutsen Builder, $141,740.

Silverthorn Development, 508 Davenport St., LeClaire, single-family dwelling, $134,250.

Silverthorn Development, 504 Davenport St., LeClaire, single-family dwelling, $111,980.

Silverthorn Development, 12 Joan Rose Court, LeClaire, single-family dwelling, $135,090.

Sean and Karen Manning, 830 S. Cody Road, LeClaire, single-family dwelling, CBC Home Builders LLC, $207,745.

DEK Investments, 21254 N. Brady St., Davenport, new commercial, IHRIG Works LLC, $96,000.

Kirk Richlen, 15854 106th Ave., Davenport, residential additions, Kevin Oetzmann, $26,400.

Starmark Custom Homes, 320 Hillside Drive, Eldridge, residential remodel, $13,260.

Tory and Audra Welch, 13290 65th Ave., Blue Grass, residential remodel, $19,245.

Ty Evans and Sadie McGlaughlin, 13300 S. Utah Ave., Davenport, residential addition, $93,060.

Adam and Lisa Hamly, 24145 92nd Ave., Walcott, residential addition, Aaron & Rus Soenksen Construction, $40,950.

Ken Hartz, 201 Walnut St., LeClaire, residential additions, $3,160.

JW Construction, 901 Iowa Drive, LeClaire, residential remodel, $19,500.

Dayn Stout, 793 Clover Hill Lane, LeClaire, residential remodel, $4,380.

Eric Nichols, 514 Walnut Court, LeClaire, residential addition, Rasmussen Construction, $33,060.

Mike Coffman, 21880 277th Ave., LeClaire, residential remodel, Terry Knutsen Builders, $17,400.

Kyle and Christina Kreinbrine, 23721 210th Ave., Davenport, residential addition, Carr Construction, $30,600.

Keith and Shelly Curry, 18070 217th St., Davenport, residential remodel, $2,625.

Kelly Coffield, 19225 252nd Ave., Bettendorf, residential addition, John O’Brien, $4,692.

Joe and Jennifer Reimers, 28693 140th Ave., Donahue, residential remodel, Terry Knutsen Builder, $23,730.

Darin and Melissa Council, 1 Blackhawk Drive, Eldridge, deck, $4,200.

Dan Rathe, 43 Park Ave., Eldridge, residential additions, D & K Home Products, $8,160.

Pat Rheingans, 27029 Lakeview Court, Long Grove, residential addition, Taylor Improvements, $11,520.

Jennifer Seibert, 8 Blackhawk Court, Eldridge, deck, $7,380.

Gerald Lovell, 1 Musket Court, LeClaire, deck, $3,900.

Terry Rossmiller, 409 S. 8th St., LeClaire, deck, Corson Construction, $4,680.

Austin and Kim Nelson, 901 Canal Shore Drive, LeClaire, residential remodel, 33 Carpenters, $1,000.

Tanner Sears, 23095 200th Ave., Davenport, deck, Van Tailor, $2,520.

Ron Myrick, 10106 139th St., Davenport, residential addition, Clinton Custom Sheds, $8,228.

Stephanie Kirby, 305 N. 8th St., LeClaire, residential addition, $2,400.