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Daily Record routinely publishes public records available through government agencies.


Trinity Moline

Shashidhar Pabba and Sruthi Donthula, Moline, boy, Aug. 18.

Jaclyn Schnell and Jeremy Anselmi, Moline, girl, Aug. 18.

Travis and Ashley Galle, Cambridge, Ill., boy, Aug. 17.

Fire calls



No calls reported.



11 a.m., 411 Taylor St., gasoline spill.

7:27 p.m., 2124 W. 16th St., police matter.

8:56 p.m., 1607 W. 8th St., fireworks.

9:16 p.m., 518 W. Locust St., rubbish fire.

11:03 p.m., 800 E. Rusholme St., investigate.

False alarms: 5.



No calls reported.



12:26 p.m., 30 18th St., water rescue.

11:48 p.m., 4900 block 50th St., investigate.


7:24 a.m., 3503 44th Ave., assist.

11:12 a.m., 1500 block 36th Ave., vehicle accident.

11:35 a.m., 3600 block 16th St., vehicle accident.

12:10 p.m., 4100 49th Ave., structure fire.

2:08 p.m., 53rd Street/20th Avenue, vehicle accident.

2:30 p.m., 3503 44th Ave., assist.

3:11 p.m., 53rd Street/Avenue of the Cities, vehicle accident.

5:55 p.m., 890 43rd Ave. Unit A, structure fire.

6:44 p.m., 1529 43rd St., investigate.


12:48 a.m., 4500 49th Ave., investigate.



9:33 p.m., 3130 9th St., investigate.

10:13 p.m., 2401 14th Ave., investigate.

False alarms: 5.

Building permits


McManus Development, 18503 Wells Ferry Rd., Pleasant Valley, single-family dwelling, $372,209.

Pat O’Connor, 307 Holland, LeClaire, single-family dwelling, Great River Builders LLC, $121,528.

Ryan Johnson, 10110 139th St., Davenport, single-family dwelling, Jared Hamilton HD Construction, $122,005.

Applestone Homes Inc., 18098 247th Ave., Pleasant Valley, single-family dwelling, $188,142.

Applestone Homes Inc., 38 Blackstone Way, LeClaire, single-family dwelling, $143,367.

Kevin and Kelly Young, 13 Hollows Court, single-family dwelling, Tim Baldwin, $122,332.

RMV LLC, 802 Wildwest Dr., LeClaire, residential remodel, $9,570.

Doug Havill, 1127 Wisconsin Ave., deck, $1,920.

David Bolser, 626 2nd St. Pl., LeClaire, deck, $2,880.

Ken Shoenthaler, 106 N. Main St., Donahue, deck, HD Construction LLC, $1,152.

Ray Cosgrove, 625 N. 6th St. Circle, Princeton, residential addition, River City Construction, $2,880.

Tim Pearson, 805 Cloverhill Lane, LeClaire, deck, Great Outdoors, $3,456.

Michael Wright, 4 Terrace Park Court, Eldridge, residential addition, $4,784.

William Gronewold, 11575 287th St., Donahue, residential addition, $22,400.

Jeff Smid, 17100 215th St., Davenport, commercial remodel, $7,360.

Denny Lindle, 311 Salina St., McCausland, pole barn, Buzz Kuehn, $7,680.

Bach Investments, 402 N. Cody Rd., LeClaire, residential remodel, Holst Trucking Inc., $8,146.


ComEd, 22710 206th Ave., Cordova, commercial building, Valley Group Inc., $592,600.

Frank Spilman, 24011 66th Ave., Port Byron, residential addition, Vern’s Home Improvement, $18,000.

Ken Wainwright, 4210 230th St., Port Byron, deck, Hazelwood Homes, $6,000.

Michael Kellums, 17217 40th Ave. C, East Moline, deck, $6,120.

Greg Bestor, 18007 Illinois 84 N., East Moline, residential remodel, Fiz Rite Home Improvement, $19,853.

James Voss, 3808 12th St., Moline, residential addition, $9,900.

Baptist Believers Church, 9717 Illinois 150, Coal Valley, institutional addition, $8,280.

James Hoffman, 11618 6th St., Milan, residential addition, Perfect Choice Exteriors, $39,000.

Christopher Wynn, 6710 134th Ave., Taylor Ridge, commercial bldg., $49,500.

Chad Sowards, 11020 98th St. W., Taylor Ridge, single-family dwelling, $387,639.

Rockridge Community School District, 14110 134th Ave. W., Taylor Ridge, sign, $1,050.

Dale Phipps, 14021 78th Ave., Taylor Ridge, residential addition, $74,703.50.

Liberty Park LLC, 941 5th Ave. W., Andalusia, single-family dwelling, Woods Construction, $113,460.

Woody and Kim Cather, 705 5th Ave., W., Andalusia, deck, $6,000.

Barbara Hampton, 9823 78th Ave. W., Taylor Ridge, commercial building, Mid America Builders, $406,500.

Charles Moseley, 11912 271 St. W., Illinois City, pole building, Durant Builders LLC, $13,200.


Oliva Marcos, 1427 17th St., residential addition, Bunting Construction Inc., $25,200.

Woods Construction Service, 2986 16th St. Ct., single-family dwelling, $170,000.

Alfred and Deborah Davis, 1409 18th Ave., single-family dwelling, Stone River Bldrs. Inc., $398,000.

Anthony Renca, 242 Orchard Court, deck, Great Outdoors, $4,750.

Silvis Eagles Aerie 1839, 903 Mansur Ave., deck and ramp, $2,025.

Deerfield WDS/CORLGlC2131, 1042-1083 50th Ave., multi-unit remodel, Joe’s Construction, $44,000.

Ed Griffith, 2129 6th St. Ct., deck, Steve Miller Family construction, $5,600.

Ed Hart, 335 40th Ave., residential remodel, $4,520.

Joe and Christine Kipp, 4635 Archer Dr., deck, $6,800.

Norman Aguirre, 928 33rd Ave., residential remodel and addition, Len Brathall Construction Inc., $118,184.


Paul Hansen, 2223 17th St., residential addition, JD Coussens Inc., $141,000.

Robert and Marilyn Merchie, 4033 26th Ave., residential addition, James Marolf Construction, $43,000.

St. Pius X Church, 2502 29th St, institutional addition, Centennial Contractors of Q-C Inc., $218,200.

Tony Dinh, 3008 7th Ave., commercial addition, RJC Construction, $54,000.

Jerry Barrett, 2831 31st Ave., residential addition, Coach House Garages, $21,678.

LMF LLC, 1306 Mill St., commercial bldg., $1,400,000.

Christopher Andrus, 4341 42nd Ave. Ct., single-family dwelling, Woods Construction & Services Inc., $266,000.

Rock Island Metropolitan Mass Transit, 4501 4th Ave., institutional building, The Weitz Co., $26,000,000.

Valdom Corp., 4671 Harmony Lane, multi-family dwelling, Beaver Properties LLC, $409,500.

Rock Island Economic Growth Corp., 905 20th St., residential remodel, JW Summy Contracting Corp., $14,725.

Scott Harris. 1709 89th Ave. W., residential remodel, Advanced Construction & Improvement Co., $25,000.

Michael Boyle, 30 Blackhawk Hills Dr., residential remodel, $14,185.

Ed Bills, 2701 32nd Ave. Ct., residential remodel, JD Coussens Inc., $2,000.

Colvin Hewell, 2141 14th St., residential remodel, Arcos Construction, $6,500.

Michael and Karen Mihm, 2205 35th Ave., residential remodel, Custom Remodeling by Dean Taylor Inc., $24,854.

Linda Lorenz, 2831 8½ Ave., residential remodel, Hyperion Construction, $5,500.

David Strickler, 22 Woodley Rd., deck, Iossi Construction Inc., $5,986.

Lee and Lorrie Blumberg, 3500 22nd St., residential remodel, Bettendorf Home Repair, $133,629.

Karen LeKowski, 3400 35th St., residential remodel, $14,500.

1830 Development LLC, 1733 30th St., commercial remodel, Build To Suit Inc., $23,698.

DNC Gaming & Entertainment of Illinois, 777 Jumer Dr., sign, Sign Productions Inc., $14,590.

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