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Daily Record routinely publishes public records available through government agencies.



Yuliana and Jose Almanza, Moline, boy, Oct. 24. 

Samantha and Christopher Bulens, Rock Island, boy, Oct. 24. 

Ashley and Matthew Fawks, Moline, girl, Oct. 24. 

Sierra Lovett and Nathan Hawley, Rock Island, girl, Oct. 24. 

Ashley and Jason Minnaert, Geneseo, girl, Oct. 24. 

Elizabeth Talbert and Michael Foiles Jr., Moline, girl, Oct. 24. 

Fire calls



3:33 p.m., 1017 State St., dispatched and cancelled en route. 

3:58 p.m., 1821 Sunset Drive, detector activation. 

5:14 p.m., 3116 Devils Glen Road, cooking fire. 

8:38 p.m., 2617 Maplecrest Road, service call. 

EMS calls: 7



6:59 a.m., 6609 Woodland Court, service call. 

8:16 a.m., 3774 E. 53rd St., good intent call. 

10:44 a.m., 2418 N. Division St., assist police. 

10:49 a.m., Rockingham Road and Wapello Ave., no incident found. 

2:42 p.m., Welcome Way and East 42nd St., vehicle crash with injuries. 

4:39 p.m., 1015 W. 10th St., lock out. 

4:50 p.m., 26 Glenwood Ave., good intent call. 

5:02 p.m., 416 Harrison St., vehicle crash no injuries. 

7:46 p.m., East Central Park Avenue and Brady Street, vehicle crash with injuries. 

9:51 p.m., 2511 E. Lombard St., dispatched and cancelled en route. 

9:54 p.m., Brady Street and East Central Park Avenue, vehicle crash no injuries. 

10:52 p.m., 6404 Brookwood Drive, building or structure weakened. 

11:30 p.m., Clay Street and Taylor Street, police matter.

EMS calls: 32. 



5:31 p.m., 337 15th St., Silvis, mutual aid for fire. 

EMS calls: 3.



7:35 a.m., 3601 Avenue of the Cities, structure fire. 

10:36 a.m., 7300 34th Ave., alarm. 

10:55 a.m., 3654 15th Ave. Court, assist citizen. 

12:37 p.m., 4500 16th St., alarm. 

12:37 p.m., 3930 44th Ave. Drive, alarm. 

2:37 p.m., 3644 Avenue of the Cities, structure fire. 

4:30 p.m., 3615 22nd Ave., assist citizen. 

7:37 p.m., 400 John Deere Road, assist citizen.

8:37 p.m., 223 1/2 18th Ave., structure fire. 

EMS calls: 7


EMS calls: 6



4:52 p.m., 932 43rd Ave., assist. 

8:38 p.m., 223 18th Ave., Moline, mutual fire aid.

9:47 p.m., 8102 7th St. W, assist. 

10:03 p.m., 932 35th St., alarm. 

EMS calls: 15


EMS calls: 1



Terry Mac and Genna Rebecca Mally, Davenport.

Derek Clinton Reed, Illinois City, and Ashley Sue Root, Reynolds.

Kevin Dustin Hull and Ashley Marie Rowland, Moline.

Mark Benjamin Straley and Anna Marie Turner-Scott, Eldridge.

Daniel Wayne Locke, Muskegon, Michigan, and Robin Diane White, Davenport.

Jon Corey Ritchie and Calla Nicole Boley, Rock Island.

Brett Steven Deneckere, Addison, Texas, and Erin Marie Skipper, Cordova, Illinois.

Benjamin James Zahniser and Christina Lee Dekker, Davenport.

Michael Joseph Morford, Moline, and Katherine Therese Kaschke, East Moline.

Seth Michael Asplund and Amanda Marie Smith, Port Byron.

Charlie Dwight Bledsoe and Jansiri Boonmee, Moline.

Thomas Gregory Hart and Jessica Marie Busch, Davenport.

Reggie Bernard Davis and Shannon Marie Berry, Moline.

Dalton Robert French and Cara Marie Adams, Moline.

Zachary Philip Sargent and Emily Katherine Kautz, Bloomington, Illinois.

Jacob Thomas Wells and Elizabeth Genevieve Hogan, Moline.

Jakeob Spencer Lothridge and Monica Renae Mullery, Carbon Cliff.

Andrew Steven Loy and Jennifer Katlynn Buzea, Coal Valley.

Charles Allen Keller and Kristy Lea McGill, Milan.

Jacob Daniel Gunn and Nichole Michelle Brammer, Cedar Rapids.

Scott Richard Campbell and Daniella Tiara Harris, Davenport.

Scott Charles Schoonmaker, Moline, and Mattingly Kathryn Schadt, Davenport.

Brandon Michael Hayes and Amy Lynn Lathery, Moline.

Kim Kris Smith and Bonnie Sue Byers, Moline.

Javon Keyonte Trosclair and William Michael-Benjamin Olvera, Moline.

Kyle Allen Chandler and Devan Leigh Berthoud, Aledo, Illinois.

Jason Paul Nass and Stephanie Lynn Berberich, Matherville, Illinois.

Michael Duane Mertel, Rock Island, and Katie Lynn Douglas, Moline.

Joseph Dakota Dobbeleare and Marisa Inez Moreno, Cascade, Iowa.

Paul Ryan Heiar and Jennifer Lyn Miller, Blue Grass.

Michael Lee Anderson and Elizabeth Marie Smith, Moline.

Frank Jesse Mendoza and Dominique Cherie Knight, Moline.

Nathan Mark Leatherman and Stephanie Lula Hill, Milan.

Adam Michael Fugman and Jill Kristine Kaiser, Carrollton, Texas.

Thomas Alan Taylor and Jessica Marie Denney, Davenport.

Keith Walker Gregorcyk and Cassandra Jean Covemaker, Layton, Utah.

James Richard Hilbrecht and Andria Nichole Howe, Davenport.

Shaylin Lea Willaert and Stevie Jean Smith, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Patrick Thomas Block, Colona, and Mallory Kate O’Malley, Silvis.

Jeremiah Joseph Berhenke and Jessica Renee Guthrie, Hampton.

Seth Christopher Kruse and Jasmine Bianca Ashcroft, Hampton.

Mason George Wiegel and Brooke Michelle Snowden, East Moline.

Kenneth Dale Butler Jr. and Anna K. Trevor, Moline.

Adam William Reid, Higginsville, Missouri, and Kelsey Ann Ethington, Rock Island.

Kiley Gayle Preston, Colona, and Lindsay Rae Inman, Milan.

Jason Michael Hauman and Brandi Leigh Owens, Coal Valley.

Juan Jose Maldonado Del Hoyo and Monica Marie Tijerina, Rock Island.

Kurt Joseph Schoenhoft and Emily Josette Rhoden, Davenport.

Randall Lorris Price and Holland Olivia Tague, Moline.

Joshua Paul Green, Moline, and Angela Marie Davidson, Davenport.

Kenny Huu Truong, Moline, and Haleigh Ann Andrews, Blue Grass.

Michael John Pascucci and Chanda Belle Stowe, Moline.

July Say and Hser Mu Lar Paw, Rock Island.

Dharmikkumar Jairambhai Patel, Woodbridge, New Jersey, and Nipaben Bhupendrakumar Patel, Cedar Falls, Iowa.

James Earl Arnold and Julie Ann Woods, Colona.

Nicholas Scott Driscoll and Erika Nicole Roden, DeWitt, Iowa.

Thomas Clay Nance and Lee Raye Nelson, Prophetstown, Illinois.


Scott M. Fury and Cassandra M. Ogden.

Sarah R. Simenec and Austin T. Pinon.

December M. Jackson and Quinn B. Anthony.

Matthew D. Voss and Kaela G. Brandt.

Kimberly L. Barnum and Christopher M. Engelstad.

Jonathan L. Blanco and Rachel M. Kyger.

Tracy I. Kremer and Eric B. Miller.

Cathleen S. Kendrick and Chad L. Tyree.

Rachelle R. Kunde and Holland L. Sullivan.

Sean M. Troncao and April R. Kundert.

Jeffrey A. Dietz and Adra M. Gengler.

Daniel D. Mesmer and Becca M. Bicknese.

Lili D. Fifer and Nicholas Almanza.

Taylor J. Ide and Adam M. Damewood.

Kristen D. Gerwig and Joshua K. Kestner.

Patrick B. Jarvis and Jennifer L. Hoffman.