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The Quad-City Times publishes all real estate deeds of $50,000 and more without exception.


Jeffrey A. Hipskind to Justin E. and Kate N. Lockett, 2963 15th Ave., Rock Island, $68,000.

Steven M. and Melissa R. Mueller to Kearisten K. Ranney and Matthew T. Whelan, 3104 56th Ave. W., Milan, $87,500.

Gary R. and Nancy A. Ingelson to Jeffrey D. and Kim A. Millar, 3562 13th St., Moline, $165,500.

Braxton E. and Kristine M. Hamilton to Larry E. and Marilyn J. Benson, 2603 45th St., Moline, $106,000.

Andalusia Community Bank to Brian Swanson, 13311 140th St. W., Taylor Ridge, $92,500.

Louis W. Dondanville to Ramon and Patricia Mendoza, 3410 28th Ave. Court, Moline, $290,000.

Ida Bragg to Nancy Szuch, 1513 9th Ave., East Moline, $56,000.

Sherry l. Rawson to Zachary M. Scott, 2411 10th St., Silvis, $72,900.

Judith A. and Ronnel W. Whiteley to Debra J. Toppert, 23823 178th Ave. N., Cordova, $322,000.

Daniel R. and Heather L. Berg to Amber L. Binns, 2210 44th St., Rock Island, $84,500.

P. Galen and Marcia J. Zerull to Matthew T. and Marilyn F. Voelcker, 3101 15th St. A, Moline, $119,500.

Joseph and Stephanie D. Krenzelok to Nancy J. McAlexander, 2012 Ridgefield Drive, Port Byron, $362,000.

Dawn Dickey-DeVilder and Stephen DeVilder to Alfonzo Cruz Jr. and Tierra S. Cruz, 1435 26th Ave., Moline, $140,000.

Robert M. Otten and Mary P. Otten to Jonathan Riley, 2529 22nd Ave., Rock Island, $109,500.

William M. and Karen E. Stollon to Teal M. Olson and Brent A. Vandamme, 4816 6th Ave. Drive, Moline, $154,000.

Amy M. and Bradley K. Fincher to Erica Catlett, 1837 24th Ave., Moline, $80,000.

Charles E. and Ann M. Tague to Richard T. and Karenia M. Slone, 305 Barber Creek Road, Port Byron, $180,000.

B & J8 Inc. to MJ Storm Investments LLC, 635 15th Ave., East Moline, $75,000.

Daren E. Showers to Lynn L. Haines, 11608 27th St. W., Milan, $161,500.

Margaret E. Skinner to Mary B. Hansen, 1337 21st Ave., 3A, Rock Island, $78,000.

Adriana Rangel to Ulises R. Cortes and Cynthia Vera, 1834 12th St., Moline, $84,500.

Todd C. and Amy Anderson to Q-C Props LLC, 3403 14th Ave., Rock Island, $55,000.

Chad C. and Abby J. Friel to Michael J. and Linda K. Hillbloom, 701 E. 13th Ave. Court, Coal Valley, $919,500.

Charlotte G. Smiddy to Craig C. and Jana L. Smiddy, 1629 27th Ave., Moline, $65,000.

Lydia Williams to Charles R. and Kitty W. Rauch, 826 22nd Ave., East Moline, $87,000.

Lyle E. Bushong to Ronald D. and Mary K. Riley, 803 1st Ave., Silvis, $249,000.

Clarence H. and Terese A. Vyncke to Aimee N. Seward, 1414 23rd Ave., East Moline, $115,000.

Dustin L. and Angela M. Fischer to Marianne M. Medrum, 248 6th St., Silvis, $78,000.

Adolph C. DeFauw Jr. and Theresa L. DeFauw to Debra Y. Waddington, 2126 18th St., East Moline, $81,000.

Matthew S. and Meg L. McGrew to Steven L. and Crystal L. Evans, 2104 24th St., Rock Island, $101,500.

Raymond D. and Sorya F. Nees to Paul T. and Rhonda R.K. DePauw, 1135½ 18th Ave., East Moline, $62,000.

Susan J. and Wendell E. Poe to Derek J. Jackson, 1001 16th Ave., Rock Island, $55,000.

Janette M. Sandholm to Chad Sandholm, 707 E. 6th St., Coal Valley, $100,000.

Vantage Group Ltd. to Leveraged Holding LLC, 3570 5th Ave., East Moline, $60,000.

Vantage Group Ltd. To Leveraged Holding LLC, 40th Street West, Rock Island, $500,000. (future development.)

David P. and Kathleen H. Werning to James K. Barnes Jr. and Heidi A. Hoopes, 4930 35th Ave., Moline, $456,000.

Trimble Properties LLC to Chad and Nichole Versluis, 3422 River Drive, Moline, $237,500.

Kurt and Kristen M. Mirimanian to Djeinaba Ba, 4257 9th St., East Moline, $117,500.

Michael C. and Sally J. Serpa to Henry Davis, 331 17th Ave., East Moline, $66,000.

Q-C Props LLC to Red Oak Assets LLC Series 2, 535 15th Ave., Silvis, $59,000.

Q-C Rental Props LLC to Red Oak Assets LLC Series 2, 2128 5th Ave., Rock Island, $58,500.

Diane L. Iddings to Randy E. and Kelly J. Payne, 2520 23rd Ave. Court, Moline, $94,000.

Thangavelu Chokkalingam to Anthony F. Pompa, 2908 56th St. Court, Moline, $157,000.

Edward A. and Jeanette L. Borycz to Salomon Andrade, 431 21st Ave., Moline, $94,500.

Steven C. and Connie J. Gyenge to Michael and Katherine Crawford, 803 E. 7th St., Coal Valley, $350,000.

Gail L. Koby to Michael and April Merrill, 417 Pleasant Ave., Carbon Cliff, $90,000.

Carrie R. Meeker to Thomas J. Krone Jr., 1299 48th Ave., Unit 10, East Moline, $62,500.


Gerald L. and Lynn Suhr to James R. and M. Jeanene Crow, 126 E. Park View Drive, Unit 10, Walcott, $127,000.

Terry L. and Rita S. Knutsen to Alan L. and Kristina D. Harris, 4530 Valley Brook Drive, Bettendorf, $810,000.

Dave Prochaska Construction Inc. to Michael J. Garnica, 5803 Shawnee Drive, Davenport, $307,000.

Svetlana Young to James P. Spitzer, 2330 E. High St., Davenport, $62,000.

Amy R. Van Hook to Michelle M. Masterson, 1609 W. Columbia Ave., Davenport, $110,000.

First National Bank to Karrie L. Holland, 4009 N. Pine St., Davenport, $123,500.

Estate of Ronald W. Vandenberg to Mary Pruess, 4721 Kynnelworth Drive, Unit 112, Bettendorf, $115,000.

Sandra M. Snyder to Joann Norals, 2607 Brady St., Davenport, $168,000.

Joseph D. Mirfield to Ronald G. Wilmont, 6822 Cresthill Drive, Davenport, $175,000.

Ray A. and Christine A. Brandt to the State of Iowa, 1020 State St., Bettendorf, $325,000.

Thomas J. Magers Revocable Trust to Mann LLC, 901 and 909 W. 2nd St., Davenport, $165,000.

Vintage Homes Inc. to Kristopher P. McAllister, 1905 W. 56th Court, Davenport, $229,000.

Abraham J. and Jasmine Skaff to Thomas J. and Michelle Bruty, 517 E. 15th St., Davenport, $50,500.

Donna J. Stroud to Jayden R. and Nicole E. Sandercock, 2304 W. 57th St., Davenport, $135,000.

Thoma-Hagen Properties LLC to R & D Investments Ltd. LLC, 824 S. Ohio Ave., Davenport, $62,000.

Michael J. and Tonya R. Garnica to Brandon M. and Mackenzie D. Garnica, 2240 Jebens Ave., Davenport, $100,000.

Nancy K. Mathews Revocable Trust to Garrett and Amy Jensen, 1027 E. High St., Davenport, $161,000.

Thomas L. and Sandra R. Lammer to Daniel M. and Brenda J. Konrardy, 3625 E. 59th Court, Davenport, $278,500.

Dru Seiver to Laura N. Lant, 1622 Jenna Drive, Davenport, $185,500.

Kaye P. Hale to Timothy J. Vanwychen, 3020 Hyperion Road, Bettendorf, $112,500.

Carrie L. Moellers to Richard K. White Jr. and Heather A. Behrens, 4503 Marquette St., Davenport, $157,000.

Jeffrey D. Albert to Arletta M. Lindstrom and Lance A. Carlile, 1203 Hillandale Road, Davenport, $120,000.

Timothy J. and Lindsay A. Schlicksup to Alan Sedacki, 2120 W. 57th St., Davenport, $170,500.

Daniel M. and Brenda J. Konrardy to Bradley J. and Laura S. Hammes, 2305 E. 33rd St., Davenport, $187,250.

Bender Survivors Trust to Charles and Carol Goodyear Revocable Trust, 1459 Northlawn Road, Davenport, $99,000.

Scott D. Plett, Randall Plett and Sandra J. Hufford to Randall R. and Teresa L. Plett, 11350 130th St., Davenport, $200,000.

David J. and Jennifer A. Fredericksen to Michael P. and Carla R. Cloos, 20772 271st St., Eldridge, $512,500.

Quad Co Realty, to Riverview Lofts LLC, 1065 E. River Drive, Davenport, $235,000.

Franch Jackson Jr. and Mary G. Jackson to Randall E. Fitzgerald, 3075 Lundy Lane, Bettendorf, $410,000.

Christian E. and Audra B. Hawkinson to Maxwell J. Gehl, 611 E. Central Park Ave., Davenport, $115,000.

Kathryn J. Volden to Kathleen A. Mulhern, 2915 Farnam St., Davenport, $142,000.

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