Floodwaters from the Mississippi River engulf cars parked near the intersection of Pershing Avenue and E. 2nd Street Wednesday, May 1, 2019, in Davenport.

NWS Summary

LATEST: The Quad-Cities has reached a Mississippi River crest of historic proportions. And it is expected to continue to rise.

Shortly before noon today the Mississippi reached a level of 22.64 feet breaking the 1993 mark of 22.63 feet.  

"There is a high probability of a historic crest of 22.7 (feet) late this afternoon or early tonight," said Brian Pierce, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

With more rain in the forecast for next week, the crest could climb again, Pierce said.

NWS: West downtown

Graphic shows floodwaters encroaching on the west side of downtown Davenport at 22 feet.

NWS: East Downtown

Graphic shows floodwaters encroaching on the east side of downtown Davenport at 22 feet. 

Historic Crests

Currently at  22.64 ft 05/02/2019

(1) 22.63 ft on 07/09/1993

(2) 22.48 ft on 04/28/1965

(3) 22.33 ft on 04/25/2001

(4) 22.00 ft on 03/10/1868

(5) 21.49 ft on 06/16/2008

(6) 20.90 ft on 07/04/2014

(7) 20.71 ft on 04/22/2011

(8) 19.66 ft on 04/20/1997

(9) 19.40 ft on 06/27/1892

(10) 19.30 ft on 04/26/1969

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