Davenport Alderman Ray Ambrose, 4th Ward, has announced he will seek election to a 12th term on the city council.

In a news release issued Friday, Ambrose said that, “My experience and compassionate leadership will assist a new council and mayor to continue the great momentum moving our city forward.”

Ambrose said a number of changes are necessary to keep Davenport moving forward.

“First and foremost, we need to win the war on crime by holding our judges and legislators accountable for the revolving door that dumps the habitual criminal back into our neighborhoods and communities,” he said. “This fight we cannot lose because Davenport’s future depends on it.”

The city also needs to continue improving its Mississippi River flood management system and remove any chance of failure, he added, saying that the community needs to adjust its vision for the “historic riverfront following the railroad track changes and Mother Nature opening our eyes.”

Ambrose said that the next mayor and council, along with the community, should revisit the community planned vision and consider “redirecting the potential $50 million riverfront investment towards our decaying infrastructure.”

First elected in 1997, Ambrose is the longest serving member of the Davenport City Council.

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