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Traffic cones

The I-74 area south of Avenue of the Cities in Moline will begin to look like it used to with that phase of the project expected to be completed by the close of the business day Friday. The phase is being completed about 11 days ahead of schedule.

The same can be said about northbound 19th Street.

Again, weather permitting, IDOT said northbound 19th Street lanes will be opened by the end of the business day Friday.

Regarding I-74 south of Avenue of the Cities, essentially, two lanes eastbound and westbound will be ready for use. However, though the pavement for the third lane is done in each direction, the actual third lane won’t be completed for quite some time.

The first goal is to have two lanes completed each way by Friday.

“We have striping to get done tonight,” said Ryan Hippen, construction and field engineer with the Illinois Department of Transportation.

For longtime drivers on I-74, it will essentially look close to normal.

“There’s landscaping to be done,” said Hippen. “But basically all the pavement will be completed and the barrier walls will be removed. You will have two lanes of traffic, what you might say, will be the normal configuration.”

Three lanes won’t be open both ways until the project is completed in 2020, he said.

“Next year we will be constructing the westbound lanes,” he said. IDOT will furnish additional updates as the project resumes in 2019.

The 12th Avenue and 19th Street intersection will also be reopened and will operate as a four-way stop. Southbound 19th Street will remain closed from 12th Avenue to Avenue of the Cities to facilitate water main work.

IDOT also cautions the public to remain alert and aware for miscellaneous construction activities involving intermittent temporary lane and shoulder closures still occurring during the month of November.

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