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Interest in the former Davenport Bank & Trust Co. building continues, as Bill Wundram's column on "the ghosts of the past" tops our charts today. Galleries old and new also continue to do well.

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Davenport commuters and businesses are about to get another shake up this summer as work repair on Brady Street is set to begin in about a month. Here are 5 things to know about Brady Street closures.


+ Dave Rogers plans to hit every mile of roadway in Rock Island, excluding alleyways, by the end of the year. Find out why from Jack Cullen.

+ Davenport superintendent Arthur Tate said a last-second plan to address perceived school funding inequities by allowing the Davenport school district to use its cash reserves for one year offers "no help at all." Erin Murphy has the story.

+ Deirdre Cox Baker reports on a national and state-level initiative directed at promoting student success by reducing what is called "chronic absenteeism." 

+ Amanda Hancock visits a coffee shop that's an extension of a prayer center, but has a simple mission of “connecting people one cup of coffee at a time.” 

+ Steve Batterson asks five questions that remain unanswered as the Hawkeyes complete their spring football drills.


#CubsCoronation 👑

This Cubs-Brewers matchup doesn't have the same sizzle as 2007 or 2008 -- when both teams were contenders -- but it's still a modern rivalry. And with rivalries sometimes comes upsets, but I'm not sure I'd count on last place, 8-11 Milwaukee coming into Wrigley and putting too much of a dent in the Cubs' six-game lead in the standings.


Sports calendar

+ The king has been dethroned, and St. Louis is excited: "The Blues exorcised their first-round demons, snapping a string of three straight early playoff exits with a 3-2 victory in Game 7. They extinguished the NHL's defending champions, and kept alive their Stanley Cup hopes."

All that and it's just the first round. Long way to go. I follow the Blues, but "we" do not, so this ends the daily hockey updates in this space. Maybe this rivalry has turned the corner, especially with a Winter Classic in St. Louis between these two on the way in January.  

+ In baseball, the River Bandits begin a six-game homestand with Cubs affiliate South Bend, while the first place LumberKings hit the road for six.


Today was your last chance at weather in the 70s for a while. The rain and cooler temps are on the way.



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