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Kelsey Fedorchak, 24, of Davenport stands on the Centennial Bridge Friday afternoon with a sign that read, “Black vs. Blue Land of the bruised 2016” in response to the civilian and police officer shootings this week.

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Most popular story of the day

The top story on was a visual one. When you start to type "number of..." on Google today, it suggests "people killed by police" to finish your search. Click and the No. 1 result for much of the day was this chart provided by our Digital Command Center in Madison, Wisconsin: "Number of people killed by police in the U.S. by race."

Most popular photo gallery of the day

Historic photos of the Great River Plaza in Rock Island top our list for the second day in a row.


+ A 21-year-old woman charged in connection with the shooting death of Jescie J. Armstrong in late April will be allowed to hire a private investigator. Tara Becker has the story.

+ A Davenport police officer shot and killed a dog that was attacking him Friday morning on West Locust Street.

+ Police rigged a bomb-disposal robot to kill an armed suspect in the Dallas police shooting , in what appears to be the first time U.S. police have used a robot for lethal purposes.

+ Concerned Citizens of the Quad-Cities will be marching in peace and solidarity tonight in response to recent slayings of black men by agents of the government.

At 4:30 a.m. an eastbound semi ran into the back of another semi causing one of the vehicles to go into the median and catch fire at mile marker 9, according to Illinois State Police.

Jen Paul was part of the final round of qualifying for the Mel Foster Brady Street Sprints, which will be held July 28, two days before the 42nd annual Quad-City Times Bix 7. Don Doxsie has more.

+ Barb Ickes says "it's pretty cool" to have an Olympic athlete living down the street.

The River Bandits slipped on virtual reality goggles, watched an IMAX production, surveyed artifacts and participated in interactive exhibits like others who have filed through since the tour’s debut on Sunday, but viewed it from a different perspective. Steve Batterson explains. 

+ If you frequent Duck Creek Parkway before 10 a.m., you've probably seen Donna Sprengelmeyer. Let Jack Cullen introduce you.


#CubsCoronation 👑

Perhaps, you've heard: The Cubs are no longer the best team in baseball. Losing to the Reds and Braves will do that to you. And having a lower winning percentage than the San Francisco Giants. Doesn't mean their destiny has changed, though.



Clear skies tonight with a low of 62. Mostly sunny  with a high of 84 Saturday.