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Neila Miller of Davenport hurries in to vote at the Scott County Administrative Center in Davenport on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018.

Visitors to the Scott County Administrative Center, in downtown Davenport, might find it slow going the next couple of months as an elevator project moves forward. 

The $1.228 million elevator modernization project began last month at the administrative center, which houses many of the county's offices.

The project, being completed by Otis Elevator Co., will modernize the center's two elevators, as well as two elevators at the courthouse.  

"The intent is to have one operating for people so they can get where they're going," said Chris Still, maintenance coordinator for the county's Facility & Support Services department. But at times, it may be possible that both elevators are out of service, which would limit the public's access to the upper-floor offices including the Health Department, Community Services, Auditor, Recorder, County and City Assessors, Administration and more. 

The building's two stairwells are not accessible to the public. Doors from the stairwell lead directly into the offices and require a security ID badge, Still said.

To accommodate visitors, Still said the first-floor boardroom has been re-purposed to house temporary workspaces for some of the impacted offices. County staff can use the space to meet with clients or customers. 

County Administrator Mahesh Sharma said the high-traffic offices already have "proactively started working in that area."  The boardroom has been outfitted with private cubicles and computer access so staff "can take care of most of the business."

"We're giving the best customer service we can given the situation we have," Sharma added.

With the boardroom occupied, the County Board of Supervisors and other boards have moved meetings to other locations in the courthouse and administrative center. The Treasurer's Office and Planning & Development, on the first floor, remain fully accessible. For the Department of Human Services, on the second floor, access is being allowed from the building's west side.  

Still said the project not only modernizes some of the elevators' inner workings and makes other repairs, but will meet requirements of a new state code regarding safety. "The equipment behind the cabs are very old... some is original to the building. Our service calls have gone up in the past years, but the bigger motivating factor was being in compliance in 2020 (with the code changes)," he said.

The administrative center's elevator work will be complete in late January or early February, and then construction will begin in the courthouse, which is expected to be finished in June. 

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