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Scott County Sheriff Tim Lane announced Thursday that he plans to hire a temporary employee to handle the sheriff office's sex offender registry duties.

In a post on the department's Facebook page, Lane indicated he was pulling his request to create a new sex offender registry specialist position from the Scott County Board of Supervisors' agenda. The county board had been prepared to vote on the request at its regular meeting Thursday night.

He wrote that the new full-time, temporary position would be paid out of the current fiscal budget and that he "plans to request to make this a permanent position in next year's budget process." 

The county board removed the item from its agenda without discussion Thursday night by a 4-1 vote. 

After the meeting, Supervisor Brinson Kinzer, who voted against removing the item, said he fully supports the sheriff's request and is ready to fund the position now. "It's what taxpayers pay money for — public safety," he said. 

In a presentation Tuesday at the board's committee-of-the-whole meeting, Lane asked for approval to create a new full-time sex offender registry specialist to shift the task of registering and monitoring sex offenders away from his investigative staff. 

Until June 1, he said the job had been filled for four years by a dedicated volunteer Mike Salter, who retired. The duties now are being shared by his investigators and taking time away from criminal investigations. 

At the earlier meeting, county supervisors indicated that they were concerned about adding a new position just after a new budget year has begun and questioned if it needed to be a full-time job. 

But Lane said the duties involved and the volume of sex offenders had grown so much "It's full-time now." 

According to the sheriff, the specialist would handle registering Scott County's current 421 sex offenders, who must check in a minimum of twice a year as well as check in if they have changes such as a new address, employment or vehicle.

Under the initial proposal, the job would have paid an annual salary of $36,920. With benefits, it would have cost the county $60,888 annually, board documents showed.   

In the Facebook statement, Lane said the application process will begin in the next few days.

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