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Wednesday, April 16, 1913 -- PRISONER BURNS HIMSELF IN JAIL

STERLING, Ill. -- Michael Sellers, 20 years old, of Sterling was burned to death and Sheriff Frank Wahl received burns which may prove fatal, when Sellers set fire to the padding in his cell in the Whiteside county jail at Morrison last night.

Tuesday, April 17, 1928 -- Fifteen Tons Of Fireworks Now on Way Here from Shanghai, China, Via Mississippi Barge Line Service

The first all-water shipment ever to come to Davenport from a foreign country is somewhere in the Mississippi between here and New Orleans. Fifteen tons of Chinese fireworks will be delivered by barges to Ewert & Richter here shortly, coming from the Shanghai, China, branch of the David L. Moss & Co., New York exporting and importing concern.

Sunday, April 18, 1943 -- Return To School, All Forgiven, Strikers At Davenport High Told

No unusual or drastic action is planned against the 400 students of Davenport high school and the three intermediate schools who absented themselves from classes Friday to participate in a "We Want Schmitt" parade thru the business district, A. I. Naumann, high school principal, announced Saturday following a meeting with the intermediate school principals, President Henry H. Jebens and members of the school board.

Saturday, April 19, 1958 -- Recover Bonds and Mice-Nibbled Bank Books | More Thousands Of Dollars Found In Home Of Recluse

About $18,000 in bonds and mice-nibbled bank books has been recovered thus far in the tumble-down home of recluse William E. Davis, 1619 E. 11th St., Davenport, it was revealed Friday by Albert Baclet of Blue Grass who is conducting a careful search through the piles of debris.

Friday, April 20, 1973 -- Davenport Air Crash Kills 6 | Believed Worst Crash In Q-C History

Six persons were killed Thursday in what was believed to be the worst air crash in Quad-City history. Authorities said a twin-engine aircraft, owned by Air Iowa of Muscatine, Iowa, was apparently making an approach for a landing at the Davenport Municipal Airport when it went down in a plowed field in northwest Davenport. There were no survivors.

Thursday, April 21, 1988 -- Swedish queen charms Q-C crowd

There were no thrones, no red carpet, no crowns. But Queen Silvia of Sweden was treated to a royal reception at Wednesday at Augustana College in Rock Island. The queen wore a classic plaid suit and chic white hat as she arrived in a motorcade. Secret Service agents and her staff members surrounded the royal lady.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003 -- Truck driver will pay last toll on Centennial

Sixty-three years ago, a truck from Dohrn Transfer Co. was the first to pay a toll to cross the newly built Centennial Bridge. On May 2, a Dohrn truck will be the last to pay a toll. It's not as if the 82-year-old company likes paying tolls, but as company President Gary Dohrn says, "We like being able to cross the bridge."