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Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2004 -- Bettendorf awaits word on Schnucks | Grocer expected to announce site for Q-C store Thursday

Schnuck Markets Inc. is expected to announce Thursday that, after years of planning and speculation, the company intends to expand to the Quad-Cities. Craig Schunuck, the chairman and chief executive officer of St. Louis-based Schnuck Markets Inc., is scheduled to attend a media event at the Bettendorf Holiday Inn. A news advisory sent Schnuck will "detail the company's future plans for the Quad-Cities."

Sunday, Jan. 15, 1989 -- Reagan's roots run deep in Dixon and Tampico

For eight years as America's leader, Ronald Reagan preached a simple message of old-fashioned values. He repeatedly told the nation about the virtues of free enterprise family and love of country. He was optimistic about the nation's future and promised us it was still "morning in America."

Wednesday, Jan. 16, 1974 -- Floods To Follow Warm Spell?

Fair, mild weather is expected to stay in the Quad-City area through Sunday, the National Weather Service announced today, but included a warning that continued warm temperatures and melting snow could result in flooding.

Saturday, Jan. 17, 1959 -- Arsenal Security Going To Dogs?

Memo to Pentagon: Security at Rock Island Arsenal may be going to the dogs. "Dusty," a large golden retriever owned by the Jack Chamberlain family of 2523 Middle Rd., Davenport, Friday easily penetrated the tight ring of security around the world's largest arsenal and strolled nonchalantly into the austere confines of the Headquarters building, which houses, among other things, the commandant's office.

Tuesday, Jan. 18, 1944 -- Attain Objective, Army of Rural Workers in Fourth War Bond Drive Is Urged

Just as young men in the nation's armed forces on the far-flung battlefronts of the world are constantly being given and achieving important objectives, so the workers in the Fourth War Bond drive which opened at noon today have an objective in reaching their quota, the very Rev. Rowland F. Philbrook, dean of Trinity cathedral, told approximately 300 workers in the Scott county campaign in the areas outside of Davenport in a meeting at the Masonic temple last evening.

Saturday, Jan. 19. 1929 -- Walter Wiese Is Robbed of $2,650 | TIED TO CHAIR WITH WIFE BY BANDIT TRIO

Using approved gangster methods, three armed and masked men held up Walter H. Wiese, 1002 North Pine street, sandwich shop proprietor and former Davenport police officer, at his home last night and after tying Mrs. Wiese and him to chairs with clothesline and adhesive tape, robbed them of $2,650 in cash and jewelry, Wiese told police officers who were called to his home at 6:55 p.m. yesterday.


At request of the Rock Island county grand jury, now in session, Judge Robert W. Olmsted this afternoon, appointed George W. Woods of Moline to be a special state's attorney to make an investigation of alleged official corruption in the conduct of the affairs of Rock Island county.

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