Friday, April 8, 1949 -- Operations at Farmall Scheduled to Resume Tuesday; Strikers Will Return

Resumption of full-scale operations at Farmall plant of International Harvester Co. in Rock Island, which had been closed down completely since Wednesday afternoon, is in prospect for Tuesday. Decisions by union and company brought this result this morning.

Thursday, April 9, 1959 -- Fate Gives Firemen Chance To Salute Dead Comrade

Was it just coincidence that made it possible for Davenport firemen to give a fitting tribute to a fallen comrade? Or was it something other than mere chance that caused the funeral procession of Lieut. Alex A. Vance, who died suddenly of a heart attack Saturday at the age of 40, to pass by the very spot where his Central Station buddies were fighting a fire?

Thursday, April 10, 1969 -- FIGHT FOR JOB CENTER

Clinton reacted sharply today to a report that its Job Corps Center is one of those to be shut down July 1 as part of a $100 million cut in the U.S. antipoverty program.

Wednesday, April 11, 1979 -- Here Comes Nacho Cottontail

One of Nacho Prado's neighbors spotted him standing in the yard of his Silvis home Tuesday and yelled, "You're crazy." Prado is not crazy, or at least not all that crazy, but his neighbor's statement was not entirely without basis. After all Prado, was standing there holding a big straw basket and wearing a bunny rabbit suit with big floppy, pink ears and a big fluffy cottontail.

Wednesday, April 12, 1989 -- Police discover Q-C prostitutes with AIDS virus | Confidentiality laws protect carriers

Davenport police have arrested at least two prostitutes with AIDS in the past year, and one of the women may still be working the streets. Beyond being aware of the women, there's not much more police and other officials can do because of confidentiality requirements and limited legal coverage of the issue.

Tuesday, April 13, 1999 -- Q-C kids remember POWs with ribbons

Twelve Quad-City area children conducted a small ceremony Monday for three men half a world away. The children took five minutes out of their after-school running, jumping and climbing time to tie yellow ribbons around tree trunks and on fence slats on Arsenal Island to help people keep in mind three American soldiers who are prisoners of war.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 -- Police: Standoff gunman kills himself | Woman held hostage in Clinton office, released unharmed

CLINTON, Iowa -- An Illinois man who held a woman hostage in her Clinton office for six hours Monday released her unharmed and then shot and killed himself, a Clinton police spokesman said. Police did not identify the man or woman, but they believe the couple was married and in their 30s or 40s, and that Monday's hostage situation began with a domestic problem.

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