To volunteer to help the Marine Corps Reserves with their Toys For Tots campaign, call (309) 797-6144.

All toys should be in by Dec. 6, and the distribution is scheduled for Dec. 18. The following are drop-off locations for the annual Toys for Tots holiday toy drive coordinated by the U.S. Marines Corps.


First National Bank, 2002 Spruce Hills Dr.

Alcoa Employees & Community Credit Union, 1710 Grant St.

Center for Alcohol & Drug Services, Inc., 4869 Forest Grove Rd.

Dollar General, 1224 State St.

One Stop (BP), 3469 Middle Rd.

Family Credit Union, 2420 18th St.

Happy Joe's Pizza, 2430 Spruce Hills Dr.

Hy-Vee, 2900 Devils Glen Rd.

IH Mississippi Valley CU, 2839 AAA Ct.

Isle of Capri Lady Luck, 1800 Isle Parkway.

K&K True Value, 1818 Grant St.

Mel Foster Realty, 2300 Spruce Hills Dr.

Osco Drug, 2314 Spruce Hills Dr.

Pleasant Valley High School, 4301 Belmont Rd.

QC Mart, 333 14th St.

RIA Federal Credit Union, 4217 Utica Ridge Rd.

Scott Community Col./Bldg.5, 500 Belmont Rd.

Shell Express Lane Gas Station, 2911 Devils Glen Rd.

The National Bank, 852 Middle Rd.

Walgreens, Devils Glen Rd.

Walgreens-Duck Creek, 830 Middle Road.

Water Park Car Wash, 1215 Grant St.

US Bank, 3120 Middle Rd.

VFW Post 9128, 2902 State St.

Village Inn, 12th & State St.


Alcoa Employees CU, 1710 W. 3rd St.

Alcoa Employees CU, 1515 W. 53rd St.

Altorfer Machinery Corp., 4712 Buckeye St.

Applebee's, 3838 Elmore Ave.

Auto Zone, 105 W. 53rd and Brady St.

Auto Zone, 1535 West Locust St.

Best Buy, 5153 N. Elmore Ave.

Bowlmor Lanes, 2952 N. Brady St.

Carlos O'Kelly's, 1012 E. Kimberly Rd.

Carpetland USA, 4337 Brady St.

CASI, 1035 W. Kimberly Rd.

Center for Alcohol & Drug Services, Inc. 1523 S. Fairmount

Center for Alcohol & Drug Services, Inc., 1601 Harrison St.

Center for Alcohol & Drug Services, Inc., 12160 Utah Ave.

Center for Alcohol & Drug Services, Inc., 1401 W. Central Park Ave.

Central High School, 1120 Main St.

Connoisseur Radio Center, 1229 Brady St.

Scott County Courthouse, 416 W. 4th St.

Cracker Barrel, 300 Jason Way.

CWO4 George's Wife's Daycare Center, Corner of Jersey Ridge Rd and Kimberly Road.

Davenport Elks, 4400 W. Central Park Ave.

Dick's Sporting Goods, 5250 Elmore Ave.

Dittmers Service Inc. (Shell), 1356 W. Locust St.

Dollar General, 2170 E. Kimberly Road.

Dollar General, 2604 W. Locust St.

Dollar General, 3936 N. Pine St.

Dollar General, 109 50th St.

Dollar General, 2217 Rockingham Rd.

Enterprise Rent-a-Car, 4509 Brady St.

Family Credit Union, 1400 Rockingham Rd.

Famous Footwear, North Park Mall

Fareway Stores, Inc., 1635 W. 53rd St.

Fashion Bug, 902 W. Kimberly Rd.

Firestone, 301 East 3rd St.

GCO Flooring Outlet, 5330 Jersey Ridge Rd.

Genesis Medical Center-West Campus, 1401 W. Central Park Ave.

Genesis Medical Center-East Campus, 1227 E. Rusholme St.

Great River Bank & Trust, 3889 Elmore Ave.

Graphic Image, 7244 Gaines St.

Hamilton Tech College, 1011 E. 53rd St.

Happy Joe's, 1414 W. Locust St.

Happy Joe's,  2630 Rockingham Rd.

Happy Joe's, 201 W. 50th St.

Hooters, 110 E. Kimberly Rd.

Hy-Vee Foods, 3019 Rockingham Rd.

IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union, 2102 E. Kimberly Rd.

Indian Ridge Apartments ,3400 Jersey Ridge Rd.

Iowa Wireless, 5000 Tremont Ave.

John Deere Training Center,  8000 Jersey Ridge Rd.

Kaplan College, 1801 E. Kimberly Rd.

Katun Corp, 7300 N Brady St.

KCQQ 106.5 FM, 3535 E. Kimberly Rd.

Kimberly Club Apts, 3300 E. Kimberly Rd.

Kmart, 3616 W. Kimberly Rd.

Kmart, 3808 North Brady St.

Knilans American Trade Furniture, 3015 Brady St.

K's Merchandise, 1320 W. Kimberly Rd.

KWQC TV 6, 805 N. Brady St

La' James College, 3802 E. 53rd St.

Marsh, 2310 Jersey Ridge Rd.

MidAmerican Energy Co., 106 E. 2nd St.

Miller Time Bowling, 2902 E. Kimberly Rd.

Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center, 5500 Lakeview Parkway.

National Cash Advance, 2720 W. Locust St.

Nichols Homeshield, 201 W. 2nd St. suite 420.

Osco Drug, 1655 W. Kimberly Rd.

Palmer Chiropractic, 1000 Brady St.

Per Mar Security, 5424 Tremont Ave.

Psychology Associates, 4455 E. 56 St.

QUAD-CITY TIMES, 500 E 3rd St.

Ralston Purina, 433 S. Pine St.

RIA Federal Credit Union, 3509 E. Harrison St.

Ricky's Exotic Clothing, 1916 N. Sturtevant Rd.

River Mart, 1313 E. River Dr.

Scorpion's Den, 320 E. 4th.

Scott County Administration Center, 428 Western Ave.

Shipman Chiropractic, 1850 East 53rd St., Suite 2.

Sprint Store, 4030 E 53rd St.

The National Bank, 5210 Jersey Rd.

The Pourhouse, 1502 W. Locust St.

The Radisson, 111 E. 2nd St.

Toys R Us, 200 East Kimberly Road.

UPS, 1224 W. 76th St.

US Cellular, 4550 Brady St.

Village Inn, 5925 N. Brady St.

Walgreens, 1704 Brady St.

Walgreens, 1720 W. Kimberly Road.

Walgreens, 1525 E. Kimberly Road.

Walgreens, 1660 W. Locust St.

Walgreens, 4011 E. 53rd St.

Wal-Mart, 3785 Elmore Ave.

Wal-Mart, 3101 W. Kimberly Rd.

West End Alano Club, 2603 Rockingham Rd.

Wieblers Quad-Cities Harley, 5320 Corporate Park Dr.

Winding Hills Apartments, 1825 Winding Hills Rd.

WLLR FM 103.3, 3535 E. Kimberly Rd.

East MolinE

American Legion Post 227, 829 16th Ave.

AVCO Associates, 4139 Kennedy Dr.

Deere Harvester Credit Union ,1101 13th Ave.

Dollar General, 657 42nd Ave.

Maid Rite, 42nd Ave.

Green Chevrolet/Chrysler, 1703 42nd Ave.

IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union, 358 17th Ave.

Jewel Osco, 4143 3rd St.

Leisure Time Billiards, 845 42nd Ave.

Osco Drug, 1312 John Deere Expressway.

Osco Drug, 4127 Kennedy Dr.

Quad-Cities Training Center Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Training, 3010 4th Ave.

The National Bank, 680 Avenue of Cities.

Thrifty Nickel, 500 42nd Ave.

VFW Post 2056, 722 15th Ave.

VFW Post 8890, 1810 1st St.


American Legion, 515 W. 1st Ave.

Deere Harvester Credit Union, 371 W 3rd St.

Dollar General, 905 W. 4th St.

General Dentistry, 524 W. 2nd St.

Happy Joe's, 909 W. 4th St

Hodge Podge, 1213 West 10th Ave.

Hues Tires and Brakes, 120 East 1st Ave.

John Deere PDC, 1600 East 1st Ave.

Osco Drug, 910 W. 4th St.

QC Auto Auction, 4015 78th Ave.

Stern Beverage, 961 Tech Drive.


Ameritech, 3900 26th Ave.

Applebee's, 3805 41st Ave.

BankOrion, 3907 16th St.

Best Buy, 4401 16th St.

Black Hawk College, 6600 34th Ave. Bldg 3.

Bridgeway Auto Parts, 3900 27th St.

Carlos O'Kelly's, 3831 41st Ave.

Carpetland, 4201 44th Ave.

Channel 8 News, 3003 16th St.

Moline City Hall, 619 16th St.

Cohen Furniture Co., 4401 44th Ave.

Cut Rite Barber Shop, 3510 4th Ave.

Deere & Co. Credit Union, 3950 38th Ave.

Credit Union Place, SouthPark Mall.

Dick Blick Art Materials, 4601 16th St.

Dollar General, 5420 4th Ave.

Dollar General, 2010 36th Ave.

Dollar General, 4110 Avenue of the Cities.

Dr. Lenos/Dr. Melin, 615 35th Ave.

Emergency Center, 1630 8th Ave.

Famous Footwear, 4500 16th St.

Fazoli's Restaurant, 721 41st Ave. Dr.

George's Barber Shop, 10th Ave. and 41st. St.

GCO Flooring Outlet, 4004 38th Ave.

Happy Joe's, 2041 16th St.

Harley's Tavern, 3127 Avenue of Cities.

HRH,  2200 52nd Ave.

Hy-Vee, 3620 Avenue of the Cities.

IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union, 2101 52nd Ave.

Jewel Osco, 2010 1st St.

John Deere Collector Center,  320 16th St.

K-B Toys, 4500 16th St.

Kone Inc., 1801 River Dr.

Kone Inc., One KONE Court

Kone Inc., 325 19th St.

Kmart, 5000 Avenue of the Cities.

Maid-Rite, 2700 5th Ave.

MetroLink, 1200 River Dr.

Mills Chevrolet, 1610 39th Ave.

Mixers, 1812 7th St.

Moline Chiropractic Clinic, 4300 12th Ave.

Moline Public Library, Southeast 3130 41st.

Moline Municipal Credit Union, 1618 15th St.

Moline Municipal Service Dept., 3635 4th Ave.

Osco Drug, 2014 1st St.

RIA Federal Credit Union, 1522 46th Ave.

Serenity Salon & Day Spa, 3915 16th St.

Smith Filter, 5000 41st Ct.

South Plant, 2800 48th Ave.

SouthPark Auto Sales, 4620 27th St.

Sprint Store, 4030 E. 53rd St.

Suzane & Edward Jones Investor, 3637 Avenue of the Cities

Taco Bell, 4600 16th St.

Taco Bell, 4400 Avenue of the Cities.

The Mark, 1201 River Dr.

The National Bank, 2040 1st St.

Total Health Dentistry, 7th St.

Toys R Us, 4555 16th St.

Trevor True Value, 2842 16th.

US Cellular, 3906 38th Ave.

US Post Office, 514 17th St.

Wal-Mart, 3939 44th Ave.

Water Plant, 30 18th St.

Western Illinois University (SRA), 3561 60th St.

YMCA, 2040 53rd St.

Rock Island

Center for Alcohol & Drug Services, Inc. 4230 11th St.

Dollar General, 4012 46th Ave.

Dollar General, 3830 11th St.

Four Points By Sheraton, 1 Plaza Square

Gas & Electric Credit Union, 2300 4th Ave.

Handy True Value, 1435 30th St.

Happy Joe's, 1412 30th St.

Hy-Vee Foods, 2930 18th Ave.

IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union, 4206 5th Ave.

Kmart, 3840 46th Ave.

MetroLink 2929 5th Ave

Milward Brown INC, 4705 44th St Suite #1.

Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center, 3850 Blackhawk Road

Osco Drug, 2810 18th Ave.

Plant Equipment Co., 2515 5th Ave.

Post Office, 1830 2nd Ave.

RI Elks, 4th St. just off Gov't Bridge.

Rock Island High School, 2400 17th Rm 30.

Rock Island Postal Employee Credit Union, 1810 2nd Ave.

River Park Healthcare Center, 2545 24th St.

Royal Neighbors of America, 230 16th St.

South Park Presbyterian Church, 15th Ave. & 30th St.

Texaco Car Wash, Blackhawk Road

Vanderginst, Roche & Westensee, 400 16th Ave.

VFW Post 1303, 3715 9th St.

WHBF TV 231 18th St.


Amador Chiropractic Clinic, 924 1st Ave.

Blockbuster, 2001 5th St.

Circle of Hope, 801 Illini Dr.

Dollar General, 2001 5th St.

Hy-Vee, 2001 5th St.

IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union, 89 9th St.

Illinois Health Services, 801 Hospital Rd.

Jewel Osco, 1312 John Deere Rd.

Pinnacle Bank, 1100 1st Ave.

LeClaire, IOWA

Slagel Food Pride, 1301 Eagle Ridge Rd.

Pleasant Valley Jr. High, School.

Donahue, IOWA

John Glenn Elementary School, 308 N. Main St.

Hampton, Ill.

Shannon's Bar, 252 South State Ave.

Ampride, RT 84.

Porters Village, 621 State Ave.

Port Byron, Ill.

Dollar General, 1100 N. High

Muscatine, Iowa

Dollar Tree, corner of U.S. 61 past Farm & Fleet.

Applebee's, 306 Cleveland St.

First Star Bank, 1800 Park Ave.

Happy Joe's, 203 Lake Park Blvd.

Happy Joe's, 927 Grandview.

Alcoa Employees Credit Union, 2419 Park Ave.


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